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Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Since I didn't blog last week, I missed out on catching everyone up on what's been going on for the Hensley House recently, and it would have been just too huge of a post had I included it in yesterday's Weekend Wrap-Up!

So today, I'm sharing a little of this and that, and I'm including a little update on Nataleigh. It's a completely random, hot mess of a post, but such is life right now for the Hensleys!
We disguised a turkey last week, and her mermaid just cracked us all up. I definitely made sure to message her teacher first before sending a turkey in a shell bra to school. Nataleigh made sure everyone knew it was a 'boo-kini,' and I've laughed every single time I've looked at this picture!

On Tuesday last week, we were all off work or out of school for the election, so it was the perfect time for us all to decorate my grandparents' house for Christmas.
 My Poppy tells everyone how much he hates the actual decorating, but he insists on doing it all! It is the funniest thing ever to listen to him.
The past couple of years, I've always decorated her tree for them because she just loves having her tree up at Thanksgiving, but with us being gone during Thanksgiving, I just couldn't not put it up for her. It had to be done before I left, and thankfully my mom also came over to help. Nataleigh also helped big, so she needed her picture made in front of the tree. 
{Sweetest elf I know}

Joe & I discovered hummus!
Where have we been?!
This stuff is crazy good, and I just can't stop it!

Nataleigh got the cutest little bow box this month!
More on this gem of a box later this week, but One Stop Bow Shop just keeps out-doing themselves!

We rocked our sassiest Minnie-Mouse inspired outfit for cheer!
This girl is amazing, simply amazing.
She is so close to getting her front walk-over, and her tumbling just keeps getting stronger and stronger. I swear before long she'll be tumbling instead of walking.

We've hugged and snuggled a lot!
I'm so thankful that occasionally, even if Stephen is 11 & beyond cool, that he'll still snuggle with me! I treasure these fleeting moments from my big, cool almost teenager!
We traveled to Elk Park, NC to listen to Jojo preach!
And someone rocked mama's sunnies during worship!
Silly girl!

The red cups from Starbucks came out, and this mama grabbed herself one asap! These are my favorite drinks of the year from Starbucks, and if you haven't yet, then go help yourself to a caramel brulee latte soon!
Between basketball games, Nataleigh & I supported our friend Sophie as she won the Little Miss Kingsport title! This little girl is as sweet as she is beautiful, and her mama is simply the best!

Finally, I mentioned a few weeks ago that we went back to the Children's Hospital in Knoxville for some follow-up bloodwork.
My brave, sweet girl insisted that she was going to be brave & try not to cry. She didn't even flinch. She's one tough cookie, and right now we don't know much different yet. We do have an appointment the first week of December with the first specialist. She'll be getting tested for allergies, intolerances, and immune system deficiencies. She is understanding that it's just beginning for her, but she has the best little attitude about it. She's contagious and pure joy, and we are trusting that God be glorified and our faith strengthened. I'll try to do better updating as we know, but for now, we are still in the dark.

Well, let's get back to packing for Los Angeles.
I'm not complaining at all about these temperature differences..

Only a few more days now!

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. Enjoy your trip, can't wait to follow along :) I can't believe its time to go!