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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Christmas Throwback

My sweet friend Jennifer from The Bolin Bunch messaged me yesterday asking if I would link up with her today to share a favorite Christmas past, and y'all, I'm going to be real with you. We are currently on day 4 of school being out due to the enormous amounts of snow we had dumped on us this weekend, so this mama needed some inspiration for a blog post.

A walk down Christmas memory lane sounded incredibly good.

I'm really not going to go back that far though, because last Christmas was one of the most fun times we've had.
Merry Christmas 2017!!

We started the morning off at our precious church, Hickory Tree Union Church...
Where the kids were so giddy that they happily let me snap some pictures!

After church, we began our annual Christmas Eve tradition of spending the day watching the 24-hour marathon of "A Christmas Story" at my grandparents' house with my extended family.

Santa even swung by during his busiest day of the year!

Last year the ladies of the family decided that we would all wear different kinds of 'ugly' Christmas attire! It was so fun & relaxed! Every one really went all out with the craziest kinds of tops. My cousin Lu wore a sweatshirt with Santa riding a unicorn...in space. My sister had a Mike Tyson-inspired tee!

Jojo wore a sweater vest that jingled!!
This was huge for my very handsome Grinch!!

We had all the appetizers & gifts, but the best part was just laughing the entire day away with everyone!!

The next morning we opened all the Santa gifts together.

And then we headed over the mountain to Asheville to spend the rest of our time with Joe's family!
Sweet cousins!!

We've officially hit the 'sweet spot' with the kids and holidays. They totally get the magic of the season 100%, and it's just all-out fun, always!

Looking through these pictures just excites me for this year's Christmas. We are making similar fun plans with our family and loved ones, and our babies are just getting more excited by the day. The incredibly early snow this week has just really made it feel super Christmasy around here.

What is your favorite holiday memory?!

Mine is every single Christmas spent with these my 4 and....
These two!
Jo Helen & Lynn are the absolute best! I know that the Christmases with both of them are numbered. Recently my grandmother's health are deteriorated, and she's just not the same person. Dementia has wrecked her mind and memory so horribly, so we are treasuring every single 'good' day with her...especially those days at this special time of year. 

I'm looking so forward to so much this year, and I'd love to know what you are most excited about?!



  1. Oh no to all that snow {unless you love it :)}!! I was just saying yesterday I can’t believe the easy winter we are having compared to last year. Last year was rough here, and now today is December 13th and we don’t have any yet!!! Hoping it stays that way, haha!!

    Love the ugly Christmas sweaters. I have yet to do one of those. I think they would be so fun.

    Fun to read about your past Christmas.

    Happy Thursday, Britt.

    1. I do love snow, but I have so much to get finished for Christmas that I cannot do until the kids are in school! They go back tomorrow!!

  2. I cannot believe it, but we have not had any snow accumulation this year, just a little dusting. Hopefully you can get your kiddos back to school...I would rather go in a blizzard than go later into the summer...Hahaha! I love that you all wore "ugly" sweaters...that sounds like such a fun party. I loved this post Britt!

    1. 9+ inches, and most of it has stayed around. We have a lot of snow days built into our schedule, so hopefully we don't lose our spring break or summer break!

  3. I am so jealous of your snow days!!! I wish we could just get one snow day.
    I love your Christmas memories. And I totally agree with you, we have definitely meet the sweet spot too!

    1. The sweet spot is so nice. They get the magic of Christmas and there is a nice bit of understand the real reason of Christmas!! It's a joy!