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Friday, December 21, 2018

Friday Favorites {12.21.2018}

We've officially been on Christmas Break since early Wednesday, and y'all it's just getting started! These next few days are just going to fly by!!

Yesterday was our first full day of break, and we decided to have a bit of fun with a whole lot of relaxing!
Today, like most Fridays we are linking up with NarciErika, and Andrea, and I'm sharing a little bit of our yesterday with you.
Let's get right into it!!
Wednesday, we busted it out of school, ASAP!!
The kids only had to be at school for a teeny little bit, and the entire time there, we were Christmas partying it up! The rest of our day was spent at my grandparents' house, and then we headed to church for a precious, precious service. It was such a sweet time together with our church family!

We all "slept in" to a whopping 7:30 yesterday, because my kids do not sleep in. I keep telling myself that they will sleep in later one day, but that day is not today. The kids hung out and spent the morning relaxing in their pjs while I caught up on the latest Riverdale episode...I cannot quit it!

A few weeks ago, we won movie tickets on the radio (thanks to my wide range of "useless knowledge"), so we headed to the movies to get even more in the Christmasy Spirit!
 Always posing!!
This was such a fun little adventure. We grabbed our favorite candy and popcorn, and enjoyed the movie!!
It just doesn't get much better than theater seats that recline!!
The movie was adorable. It was a close rendition of the original, but a little updated. They stayed definitely more true to the Dr. Seuss story, and I loved it!
"To kindness and love, the things we need most."

We swung by Old Navy, to find a few things for me to wear this holiday/winter season. Their stuff is so good, and I'm planning on sharing a little about my Old Navy finds tomorrow, along with a make-up bag inventory post. I recently changed up my make-up routine, and I've been getting a lot of questions about it all...TOMORROW!!

After the movies and shopping, the two little ones took naps, while Stephen 'rested.'

It was then time to head to Nataleigh's last cheer practice of the year, and they even had a big Christmas party planned!!

She's killing it. She's currently learning combination tumbling, and I couldn't be prouder of her. We go to the BEST gym ever, and if you are local, then get your kid to Top Gun now!!
Last night she did a cartwheel straight into two back walk-overs!!

We picked up some gift certificates for her two main coaches, Coach Sam & Coach Rachel!!
Then we partied it up late!!
Nat & Kin!!
The best of besties!! They were also so excited that they were twinning last night. 

They also ended up picking the numbers that were assigned to each others' gifts!!

Sweet, silly girls!!
Have I mentioned how much I love this little team and the mamas?!
We have the best little squad of friends, and they are just the most supportive girls and mamas ever!!
Kitty Hawks!!

These two girls have gotten so close over the past couple of weeks. They both got moved up in tumbling classes together, and they are stuck like glue to one another while they are tumbling!!

We got home late and ran through the shower quickly before we crashed in the bed. It was such a nice little start to our Christmas Break!

Today, we are heading to my grandparents' house to help them start getting everything ready for our upcoming family celebrations. 

Do you have all your Christmas stuff ready?
If not, what else do you have left to do?!!

Happy Weekending, y'all!!



  1. Those tiny tumblers really are the cutest - Nataleigh seems to make friends wherever she goes, always a relief when our children are good mixers don't you think? We slept til 8 today... felt luke halfway through the day! So sweet of you to buy gift vouchers for N's coaches. I can imagine with 3 children, in different activities your present list is quite extensive, eek! Enjoy the pre Christmas build up - J x

    1. My present list is pretty long, but I truly believe a small, thoughtful gift goes a long way. These two ladies, and so many more, pour so much of themselves into my little girl. It's a pleasure to give back to them a little!

  2. I have not wrapped a single gift yet! Ha! Oh my gosh I would love it if my kids would sleep in too! I loved The Grinch. I cannot wait for your post tomorrow! Have a wonderful time with your grandparents!

    1. HAHA!! You better get to wrapping, friend. I loved the Grinch so much. It was so adorable!! Happy Christmas to your sweet family.

  3. Awe, what a sweet week. Love that you are heading to your grandparents to help them get ready for Christmas. Hope this weekend is memorable.

    1. It's been so sweet! My grandparents are my favorite, and there is nothing more precious to me that making those memories with them and my kiddos!