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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Meet Our Elves

You heard it!
We have three elves, one per kiddo, because our kids get into enough that they each need their own elf to report back to Santa on them.
The three amigos!!
Hans had a tumble on day 2 when he fell out of a cabinet, so he's been in a cast since!


He's the oldest of the siblings, and he was the first to visit our family!


Franz is the middle elf, but he joined our family last, in 2016!


She's the only girl in the bunch, and she's often the most mischievous. 

They are pretty laid-back elves that tend to just hide out in and on the trees & different shelves. Occasionally they will leave notes for the kids, but they rarely leave messes for this mama to clean up!

Yesterday they shared the boys' headphones!

We love our little elves, and the kiddos just love talking with them. I'll catch Nataleigh sitting and just telling Gertie all about her day, and it's the sweetest thing ever. They just add such a sweet level of magic to our holiday season.

Does your family have elves?!
Are they sweet or mischievous elves?!

Happy Saturday, friends!


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