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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Sick Day Must Haves

Thursday Nataleigh came down with strep, so we've been taking a couple of days getting over all the yuck!
Today I wanted to share a couple of my family's 'must haves' to survive sick days.


For all the things!
I spray this stuff like it's going out of style.


This stuff is what I love to clean with along with the Lysol. 

Ramen + Gatorade

These little things are so not necessarily 'good' for you, but they are perfect for an upset stomach. 
Normally I hate, loathe, despise Gatorade, but once again, it's a comfort thing for us when we are sick!

Netflix Marathons

Right now we are binge-watching all the Great British Baking Show episodes because I can't quit it!

What are your remedies for feeling better or when your babes are sick?!

Tomorrow I'm continuing with the Blogmas challenge & sharing another one of my family's current favorite praise & worship songs!

Happy Saturday.



  1. Haha I love this. I tend to eat a lots of buttery toast - there is something quite indulgent and nice about throwing all the usual self-imposed food 'rules' out of the window isn't there? You Americans are so good at disinfecting - I don't think we even bother here when we are sick haha. J xx

    1. OOOH I love buttery toast..but I add loads of cinnamon sugar, because I love sweets! I just had to limit the amount of people who got strep, and thankfully, so far so good!