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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Top 10 Christmas Movies

One of my favorite parts of this season is all the holiday movies, anyone else?!

We don't discriminate in the Hensley house either, when it comes to holiday movies. Today I do want to share a few of my favorite Christmas movies, so in no particular order...

The Holiday

Cheesy, but so so good!
I love Kate Winslet's character in this movie so much, but really, it's just a feel-good movie that I watch all year, but especially at Christmas.

A Christmas Story

The Classic!!
Oh Ralphie, you'll shoot your eye out!!!
We watch this with the rest of America during the 24-hours of A Christmas Story on the television, every Christmas Eve!

Love Actually

Total chick-flick goodness!!
I love all the different story lines in this movie.
I just have to always watch it when it's on!

Christmas Vacation

My hubby's favorite movie of all time. He quotes this movie throughout the entire year, but it becomes a daily occurrence during the Christmas season. It's my go-to movie for just a solid couple hours of laughing non-stop.

A Crown for Christmas

I love, love, love all the Hallmark movies, but there are a few that are my favorite. This one is adorable and so predictable...just how I want my Hallmark movies!

The Sweetest Christmas

I could have picked any Hallmark movie with Lacey Chabert because they are just the most adorable, but this one is my favorite. Joe and I have visited Helen, GA, where the movie is set, and it's just charming beyond belief! I'm also a sucker for all those baking challenges too, so win-win!!

Finding Father Christmas

They've also released "Engaging Father Christmas" & "Marrying Father Christmas," and they too are just incredible. I love these sappy, predictable, but full-of-love movies!

Home Alone

This movie came out when I was a child, and y'all this kid was just such a hero to me and my sister...like if anyone ever tried to break in our house at Christmas, it would be on like Donkey Kong..Kevin McAlister style!!

The Polar Express

This one is such a beautiful film. I love how realistic the visual effects are, and I just love Tom Hanks as everything in this movie!

The Grinch

You're a mean one...Mr. Grinch.
I married my own little Grinch, and y'all I just love this movie...the original one I might add.

Bonus: The Christmas Chronicles

This came out on Netflix, and I cannot stop watching it. It is adorable, and charming, and we all must save Christmas Spirit, like now! I loved Kurt Russell as Santa, and he definitely added a different edge to Santa. It is such a fun movie that we will be watching all season long...well as long as Netflix lets us.

Well, here is my list of some of my favorite Christmas movies. What are some of your favorite movies to watch?! I tried to narrow it down to just 10, but that meant I had to leave a few more of the classics out, just because we haven't gotten around to watching them as a family yet. Miracle on 34th Street and It's a Wonderful Life are two that I just love too....Maybe I should have made a top 20 list!!

Happy Holiday-Movie-Watching Season!


I do not own the rights to the movie posters.


  1. We loved the Christmas Chronicles! Also, I love all of these movies and the original Grinch is my favorite of the three with the new one as a close second. I love all of your movie picks!

    1. You gotta love the OG Grinch, and I've been wanting to see the newest Grinch. I have heard great things. Thanks for stopping by!