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Monday, December 10, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up {12.10.2018}

We got a whole heap of snow yesterday, and it was still snowing when we woke up this morning! Nataleigh has a doctor's appointment in Knoxville later today, so we will be shoveling our way out to check her lungs.

I took very few pictures this weekend because we were either recovering from strep, traveling to basketball games, or being snowed in!


We spent a really low-key day since Nataleigh was still out of school sick. She hadn't been fever-free for 24 hours, so she had another day off!
We grabbed the boys from school, and we all really wanted to do a whole lot of nothing!
We ordered pizza & enjoyed a quiet night at home in our jammies!


This day reiterated just how out-numbered we are!

Both boys had games at 10am, and my mom, several weeks ago, made appointments for my sister, me, and her to go have some time together at a local spa!
I've shared my love for Lindsey & her staff at Oasis Skincare Center so many times, but it's really just the best place ever for all your self-care needs. I got a pumpkin-spice deep-tissue massage that was heavenly!!
(Obviously, I snapped no pictures #bloggerfail)!
This sweet girl and I then busted it to the rest of the boys games!
We are so thankful for the precious friends in our lives. While Joe coached Carson's game, Stephen went with his coach to his game, & Nataleigh spent some time with my friend Christie!!
Love our friends who are definitely family!

Stephen's team finished 2nd behind a really good team from Sevier County!

At this point of the weekend, I honestly didn't think we would get any of the snow that was originally predicted. I mean, we had estimates of 'wintry mix' to 6+ inches, but every weather map showed it just being a nasty bit of sludge showing up.


We woke up to a full-blown snow dump, and it was still snowing.
It kept snowing until the early afternoon, and our local airport reported that over 9 inches fell!! 

I threw Nataleigh's NAM crown and banner on, and we snapped some gorgeous pictures before we went out to play in the snow!
Miss Tennessee Princess!

My girl!!!
 Obligatory group picture for mom!

We had snow angels, snowball fights, and all the sledding we could attempt!!

Even Josie loved the snow!

Carson and I ventured out to the grocery store for a few necessities!
And we for sure got stuck in our driveway as we got home!!
Thankfully Jojo saved the day!

My beloved Vols upset the #1 basketball team in the nation, but we all watched the last minute or two of the game like Joe...
Scared to death, but how 'bout them Vols, y'all!

We ended the night with pasta & a few board games together, and today the kids are out of school!

It was a nice weekend of a lot of family time!!
Did you all get any snow where you are?!

Happy Monday!



  1. Replies
    1. 9+ inches here, and most of it is still lingering!!

  2. Happy snow faces are just the best - isn't everyone their happiest selves in the snow? You were so lucky to get that weather! Have the schools stayed open today? I hope you got to Nataleigh's appointment ok. And I am glad she has recovered from her fever - lovely NAM shots! J xx P.S. I am so jealous about your massage! PSL - I bet it was heavenly!

    1. Oh that massage was heavenly & so necessary!! I had to snap a couple of pictures with that gorgeous crown, right?!