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Monday, December 17, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up {12.16.2018}

We officially have 1 week until Christmas Eve, and it's our last couple of days of school before Christmas Break!
I know I have a few teacher friends who are already dancing!!

Today, I'm sharing a little about our weekend.
It was nice, relaxing, and a little crazy!

Friday, the kids went back to school, so alarms were needed..
I'm totally that person who has tons of alarms to set, but normally I only have to set one. I just need options!
Ready to tackle the last Friday of 2018!!

And this girl was excited (& super cute) after being out of school for 9 days due to Strep, snow, and a weekend. She was ready to see her friends!

A few weeks ago, my mom had to put her sweet baby dog, Coco, to sleep. Coco was her baby, and it was a major loss for her! She had been talking about wanting to get a little Coco memory tattoo, and while I know tattoos aren't everyone's thing, they are ways that my sister and mom like to memorialize people and things. My sister set up an appointment with one of her best friends to tattoo a Coco paw print on my mom.
The time spent together, just us girls, was what my mom needed most of all, and we all had the best time. Justin did such a great job, and he is the best!

Saturday I shared ABOUT OUR ELVES...
Hans, Franz, and Gertie, and they are eerily similar to my 3 sweet babes!
We also headed to watch my favorite middle child play basketball. This sweet team has only played now 3 games together, and the growth of each of these kiddos is incredible! I cannot get over how well they are starting to play, and they play every single minute with 110% effort. They also have the hottest coach! 
{I see you Jojo!}

After basketball we headed to my grandparents' house to meet up with the rest of my family for a little fun Cookie Saturday. We made some yummy Mrs. Fields' Chocolate cookies, and I took no pictures of the cookie-making process. It was so fun...& a little stressful at times.
We also celebrated Mr. Archie's birthday a little early with pizza & chocolate cake!!

Saturday night, my mom and I finished her Christmas list together, and it was so much fun!!

Sunday we headed to church.
My cuties!!
I love these beautiful babies so much, and goodness, am I thankful that I get to be their mama!
We partook of the Lord's Supper yesterday, and the message was great. 

We got home in time for some little naps before we met up with our small group at a Mexican restaurant for some giggles & queso!!

We wrapped up our weekend back at one of our small group member's house where we enjoyed even more fellowship time while watching the Miss Universe pageant...
I had heard from a pageant group earlier in the day that she was the front-runner, and she is beautiful!

And some of us snuggled with the newest small group member, Wilson!
He's pretty much perfect!!

It was a sweet, way-too-short weekend with so many people we love. This is the final countdown to Christmas 2018, and we are totally not finished getting everything ready. It'll happen, and if it doesn't, it's not the end of the world. 

Do you have all your Christmas lists shopped for?!
What major items are you lacking?!

Happy Monday, friends!


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  1. I am so glad everyone is healthy again! Looks like you had a great weekend with family!!!

    1. all the praise hands for healthy babies!! Let's hope it continues through the holidays & break!

  2. What a sweet weekend with your family. I am also so glad that everyone is feeling better. The amount of snow you got is crazy! I hope you have a great week!

    1. YES! The snow was unbelievable, but things are all back to normal now.

  3. So glad everyone was feeling better to go back to school! My sister also got a paw tattoo when her dog died.

    1. Yes!! We were so excited to be back to a 'regular' schedule!

  4. Yay for healthy kiddos that could go back to school!!! I bet you were relieved. I love that your mom got a tattoo to remember her sweet dog. They really do become family and when you lose them, it's so heartbreaking.

    1. It was all that snow, and I hate complaining to you about 9 inches of snow, but that shut us down completely for a few days. Thanks for the sweet words. Coco was my mom's baby for sure.