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Monday, December 3, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up {12.3.2018}

Happy First Monday of December!
Whoa..I cannot believe it's already almost 2019. That literally blows my mind! This weekend was full of so much fun, and a little bit of traveling, because apparently we are those always on-the-go kinds of people.

We kicked our weekend off with a fun day at school & a really quick picture before I dropped these babes off!

While they were at school, I busily got Christmas list stuff done with sweet friends of mine. Also, I may have snuck and put up our tree.
So, it's still not 'decorated,' but it smells good (thanks to those scentsicles that make your artificial tree smell real)!
It's still not decorated, but it will be this week!!

After grabbing the kiddos from school & once Joe got home from work, we had the quickest of dinners before heading to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa.
If you've not been to the BPS, then you are missing out. Besides having a sweet Santa & elves, they set up an entire wonderland area full of games, play stations, and crafts! It is just a fun time spent together, and I'm going to share all the pictures of our Santa fun tomorrow.
Check back for the kids' requests and the cutest pictures.

After visiting Santa, we went to an area high school for a big rivalry game. TN High versus Sullivan East is always a major basketball battle, and the game didn't disappoint.
And really, our area is so basketball rich that we are lucky!!
(TN High won, so my boys were beyond excited)!

Saturday started early at Carson's basketball game.
He played so well!!
I was incredibly proud of the entire team, and I must add that we have the hottest coach!
After Carson's game, this sassy girl and I visited with Mim & Poppy while the boys got haircuts!

Then we headed to Kingsport for a little lotta basketball.
Stephen had 3 games, and like most weekends it was a bit of a roller coaster for our Swarm. We are learning and growing so tough! I'm so proud of them.
Somebody crashed hard at the beginning of the last game, and she slept completely through until we made it over the mountain to Mimi's in Asheville, NC.

Sunday we headed to Emma's Grove Baptist Church with Mimi & Popow where Joe preached.

But not before my sweet babes sang a solo 'for Popow's birthday.' In all honesty, I think my father-in-law just wanted to show his babies off a little, and I don't blame him one bit!
We then headed back to their house for lunch and naps, before we rushed over the mountain for Life Group!

One of our Life Group members, Joe, led such an awesome discussion about what James teaches us about money and greed. I just love this little Life Group so much. They are a tremendous blessing!!

We had a great weekend together, and it's truly my favorite part of this season. Every activity we have planned usually involves us being together, and together is best!!

Friday, my mom had some pretty major oral surgery. She did great, but she's still is considerable pain. We would be so appreciative for all the prayers as she recovers!

Happy Monday!!



  1. Praying for your Mama. Ok, Britt, Brandon and I are starting a small group and I am so nervous and scared so any tips would be SO APPRECIATED! Also, what a fun weekend. I have heard wonderful things about BPS and how they bring the Christmas. What a fun weekend!

    1. You've got our prayers, and just message me anytime! I'm no expert, but I love small groups so much.

  2. I would love it if you shared some of your life group's reflections on the money and greed elements of James' - it keeps us grounded and real. Your lovely family pics make me smile - little rays of sunshine! Your tree is lovely and can't wait to see how you decorate it. J xx

  3. I will say a prayer for your Mum too xx