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Saturday, December 22, 2018

What I'm Wearing...lately!

It's the Saturday before Christmas!!
Do y'all have everything bought & wrapped & ready-to-go for all your festivities?!
I have so much to do today & tomorrow, but seriously, if it doesn't happen, it'll be okay. We are just happy to be together for the next couple of days celebrating the birth of our Savior!

Let's get right into today's post....

I recently changed up my make-up routine, and I've gotten so many questions about what I'm wearing on my face lately!

I'm by no means a make up artist or expert, but I am a busy mama that needs make up that will last through crazy schedules & days.
Let's talk make up!

Make Up

I've been using Foundation in Fawn from Senegence for a bit now, and while I like it, I do not love it. I currently am hunting for a new foundation. This one just doesn't work that great with my particular skin type. If you have drier skin, it would be great for you. It's a product that you have to buy from their consultants, and I do love supporting small, family businesses. Let me know if you are interested, and I can hook you up with a few different ladies who sell this product.
Currently loving THIS concealer, and I use literally the teeniest dabs for serious coverage. I truly believe that good concealer is necessary for every mama. This one stays put and covers even my dark, raccoon-esque under-eye circles.
I'm testing Hoola by Benefit for a little contour back into my face. I do not know or understand full contouring, but once I apply foundation and concealer, I know my face needs it's natural angles put back in to it. This stuff is incredible. I love the matteness {is that a word?} of the product, and it looks so natural!
Another Senegence product, and Silver Rose dust is my blush jam for life! It's basically like applying rose gold on your cheeks with just enough shimmer to act like a highlight!
(Once again, I am not a contour expert at all)!
Taking back to the old school with setting powder. It's not a great one, but it gets the job done. I needed powder in a pinch & grabbed this one. I'm open to all setting powder suggestions!

As far as mascaras go, I was told at Ulta that BadGal Bang is what I needed to try. I also use the Voluminous X Fiber mascara with the primer and mascara. I'm so lucky that I have longer lashes, but I've yet to find a mascara that doesn't smudge even a little on my lids. I love the length and volume both of these mascaras give me...sometimes I get too much length and volume!

I had been wearing very minimal eyeshadow, but my mom recently gifted me this palette. It's so incredibly beautiful, and I love each and every color. I tend to like more earthy tones, and this palette is just a fancier version of earth tones!
It's super versatile too. I use the top, light color as highlighter on my face, and I'll use the dark brown color for my eyebrows, too.
I also got some eyebrow primer from Benefit, and it's such a game changer for your brows. I've worn it alone, and I think that when I do fill my brows in a little that it stays put better with this stuff on.

As far as brushes go, I use a variety of brands that I've found every where from Wal-Mart to Marshalls to old eyeshadow palettes. My favorite brush I use every single day is the Real Techniques Setting Brush. I use it to buff out and set my concealer, and it's just the best little thing ever!

My mom and I recently took a trip to Ulta together, where we snagged most of these goodies! It was part of my Christmas gift from her, and it was something we plan on doing more often. I just love trying out and testing new products, and while I'm not a make up expert, I just love playing around with all the make up and products!!

I also recently snagged a couple of super cute pieces from Old Navy. If you weren't aware, the whole store is on sale, up to 75% off, and I snagged some absolute steals.
I found this one in the clearance section for, wait for it...
It's a light-weight sweater that will be perfect layered with jeans.

Speaking of jeans....

I found these for $9.99!!
They are the rockstar skinny jeans with the trendy knee 'tear.' They were a no-brainer!!

I also grabbed two pieces for me to wear and coordinate with my crew for Sunday.

I think the dress is definitely a wintry, Christmasy dress with the holly/poinsettia floral print, but I think it'll work nicely all season long with the sweater or even a denim jacket!

Also the sweater is so incredible!
I love the softness it affords, and it was on sale, in store, for $20, and I've already worn it twice now with a blouse and a long-sleeve tee. 
It's just the coziest!!
I I love this outfit so much, but I can't decide what boots though to go with it, so I'm going to gauge your opinions...
Classic brown, monogrammed boots

Slouchy, black wedge boots!!


One thing that I just love to do is watch beauty bloggers do their "thing," and I get all kinds of inspired. Two of my favorite beauty bloggers are..
Love her honesty, and she tries like every single product and gives her honest opinion!!

Maegan is also a local to me girl who is a Senegence distributor. I've gotten several other friends watching her make up tutorials on Instagram.

If you love make up or make up tutorials, then you need to add these mamas!!

Let me know what some of your favorite products are. As you may have noticed, I didn't add any lip products because I've yet to find a lipstick/gloss that I just love!
I'd love your feedback for foundation, setting products and lip products that I must try!!

Happy Saturday, y'all!!



  1. I love your flowery dress, cardi and boot combo - pretty and cute! I am kind of in an Xmas sweater rut (i.e. only wearing sweaters and jeans - dog walking clothes) - and this type of outfit is what I need to shake up my wardrobe! The mascara primer is a good idea and something I'd like to try - does it make a bug difference? I am scared of using a contouring powder - I am so ham fisted with things like that haha! You should do a demo (BASIC, for numptys like me). No clue on powder - I have shied away as I have to many fine lines now and worry if I get the wrong brand or apply it badly it will just make my skin look dry. I am really quite awful with my makeup effort. If you do find a good powder though let us know! J xx

    1. How funny would that be?! haha...a video tutorial of me doing my makeup..I'm laughing. I'm also looking for a good powder, and when I find one, I'll let you know. Thanks for stopping by, friend. Merry Christmas

  2. I love this post because I am always curious what others use and how they like it. Probably last year I switched my foundation to Beauty Counter. I am trying to choose some cleaner options, not for everything but a few things. I am liking it so far. My current shopping to-do is to find some cute {like for my hubby}, comfy, affordable pjs. Do you have any posts/suggestions on that?

    1. Target had some cute options. I did coordinate matching family pjs a few years ago from target, buffalo plaid, and they were the softest flannel. I'll send you some option on Instagram, friend!

  3. Great recommendations!! I went to sephora last week for a makeover and learned about so many great products. I love Tarte!! I need to go buy that concealer. And your outfits are so cute.

    1. EEK! I think my mom and I are planning a trip into Sephora because I heard they will color-match you with different products. My esthetician posted a recommendation in the comments section on my IG post!! I'm definitely not as keen as you are in the wardrobe department, but it was fun finding some solid pieces!