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Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday Favorites [1.11.2019]


We've got that Friday feeling, and I think a dance party is in our near future!!
{bring on the weekend}
Yeah, baby!!

One big favorite of the week are these Facebook memories..

That squishy little baby face!!

We had to take Carson to the allergist for his monthly shots, and we try to reward him with slushies..
Target for the win!!!!

While there I may have snagged myself something little..
I'm so stinking excited, and I've only read a couple hundred recipes already!
(send more recipes though)

Also, while we were there, I tried the new cinnamon shortbread latte, and it is INCREDIBLE!
It reminds me of the cinnamon dolce, but creamier!

We got the new bow box, and it's so LLAM-AMAZING!

So, so cute. She may have worn this bow a couple of times this week, and it's her new favorite!
This is how Nataleigh felt about the National Championship game, and I wasn't complaining one bit that I was stuck holding this precious baby all night!

Congrats to the Clemson Tigers for an incredible year, and specifically to their QB, Trevor Lawrence, who was born and lived a few years in the teeny town that my grandparents still live in! Super cool that this awesome true freshman is from a town with no stoplights and one main road. 
Fall Branch, TN!!

Cheer started back, and we are so close to competition season starting. And we cannot be more excited than to watch these sweet Kitty Hawks rock the stage!

I ended my week with a much-needed sweet treat while wrapping up this week's blogs!
Mini Twix bar for the win!

If you missed any of the posts from this week....

catch up here!!

Happy Weekend, y'all!

What big plans do you have?!
We are hoping for a little rest and relaxation this weekend!


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  1. I am always looking for a new Starbucks drink to try. I may need to get that today!! Also you will love your instant pot!!! Have a great weekend.

    1. So far I love my IP, and I can't wait to keep trying all the recipes!!

  2. All those lovely treats are what makes the week worthwhile! That and our precious kiddos of course ;) By the way, that Clemson guy has some GUNS. Lovely!

    1. Of course!! He's a true freshman, so he's literally like 18-19 years old! Crazy huh?!

  3. Those darn Facebook memories get me EVERY time, not sure how life can be moving SO fast! Have a great week :)