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Friday, January 25, 2019

Friday Favorites {1.25.2019}

What a week!
What a stinking week!!

This week I seriously somehow came down with the most awful stomach bug known to mankind, and I've not fully recovered. I'm still exhausted, & I can barely eat, still.

Alas, life doesn't stop because mama gets sick, and thankfully, Joe is just the best of the best. He's been the champion of the week, and literally, I cannot imagine life without him...especially after this week.

Today I'm sharing a really quick post, because since I've been down for the count, I'm kind of behind the proverbial eight ball, and we have a busy weekend ahead of us.

Really quickly these are my favorites from the week...

And this week has been dominated by all the cheer things because tomorrow we have our first competition of the season, and we are all so stinking excited!

Last night we had our debut night, and it was so much fun!
We packed our caboodle with 'her makeup' and headed to the gym ready to rock the mat!
Funny story:  last week Coach Sam messaged me that she was searching for pigtail bow inspiration, and she found one of the cutest bow heads ever...
Big shout out to One Stop Bow Shop for the best piggy tail bows ever!!

Everyone got dressed and ready for some quick pictures!!
All the Minis and Tinies!
Cutest squads ever, I swear!
We love us some Coach Sam, and I mean, could those piggy bows be any cuter?!
Every little tiny cheerleader should have to wear piggy tail bows!

These girls killed it.
They were up first, and while there were some nerves, they pushed through, and we cannot wait to see these babies on the big mat tomorrow!!
Kitty Hawks!!
 But this shot has to be my favorite!!
All of these girls have the best, most funny personalities, and I just love them!

If you're looking for me tomorrow, I'll be the crazy mama with the Cheer Mom shirt screaming like a wild one for the cutest Kitty Hawks ever!
I always mention how much we love our gym and our coaches, and I could never speak highly enough about them. They work tirelessly to make sure our little babies are ready to rock the stage. We are so appreciative for all Coach Rachel, Sam, Shanna, Reagan, and Rondon do for these tiny, but mighty girls! They are confident in more areas than just cheerleading, and it's because you all pour into these spunky girls! Thank you so much!
We love y'all!!

Do you have a low-key weekend planned, or are y'all just as busy and crazy as we are?!

Happy Friday!



  1. How cute are your little cheerleaders!? Hope you feel better soon. Stomach bugs are the worst

  2. I'm sorry you have had a sick week over there. Glad you guys are doing better! Hope your weekend is better!!

  3. So sorry you got sick! I almost messaged you last night. Hope this weekend is great! Can't wait to see how they do.