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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Weekend Wrap-Up 1.8.2019

Good morning, Tuesday!!

Yesterday was my and my sweet husband's 13th anniversary, and I shared a a little post HERE! It was a completely ordinary day for us, and it was completely full of love!

Today I'm sharing about our weekend, and it was another busy, but fun weekend.


I feel like every day lately has been dreary and rainy! Tennessee winters are often very fickle. It wasn't too chilly (as you can see in my boys wearing shorts), but it was like super rainy & yucky!

Our morning rides are often full of giggles, arguments, and a lot of singing, but on Friday it was all about the boys each reading books on the way to school while Nataleigh was watching Hotel Transylvania!
 Carson is reading a book about Babe Ruth right now!
And Stephen is reading the Percy Jackson series!
[I love this series, and he's loving it. He keeps talking about how easy it is to imagine everything 'because there are so many adjectives!']

After grabbing them from schools, I dropped them off at my mom's house because Joe had planned a date night for our anniversary!

{insert HAPPY DANCE here}

We grabbed sushi & foot massages (which were life changing), and then we ended our date strolling down the aisles at Target!
It was just what we needed, and it was so fun!!


Saturday morning we had another mad scramble!
Stephen had games at 10:50 & 11:40, and Carson had a game at 11:00 about 30 minutes away. Then in the middle of all of this, Nataleigh had a birthday party at 12:00. We divided and conquered, and thankfully Nataleigh's best friend let her come to her house to hang out and ride with them to the party!
(Shanna and Kinley are life-savers!)
Stephen played his first game against his cousin, Jack, and it was so fun sitting with family and watching these cute boys play ball!

After Stephen's two games, Joe met up with us, and I rushed across town to the cutest birthday party ever at Spa-Di-Da!
Ready to party!!
 Kinley, Nat, and Hannah!
These three are the three amigos, and they were grouped together!
 "The Queen of the World" (as she so called herself), was loving her make-up & hair!
 nails done!!

 silly faces for everyone!!

 Oh happy birthday, sweet Makenna!!
You are a doll, and we love you big!

Then it was time to get our stuff from Kinley's car!!!

That ended up with about 100 hugs & begs not to leave!!

These two are truly yin and yang to each other. Nat is the wild to Kinley's calm! They are just the sweetest, and we love Kinley & Shanna so dang much!

So I know I mentioned that we went to get foot massages the night earlier, but I was really wanting to get a pedicure!!
What is a little more pampering?!

Later that evening we met up with some of my family, so we could celebrate Nataleigh & Joe! I completely dropped the ball by not adding his name to the cake...complete FAIL!!
 Party dress for my party girl!!!

 Love this crazy crew of mine!!
And I just love doing life with these people!!


Sunday we headed to church and lunch with friends, before we headed back to Stephen's basketball tournament!
 They finished second, but they fought hard!

Someone decided that her LOL Dolls and back walk-overs were a much better alternative to watching stinky boys play a stinky sport!!

We had such a fun weekend. It was full of celebrations, basketball, and all of our favorite people. 

Life is so good!!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you too! Sounds like you had a blast celebrating and your weekend sounds like ours. Divide and conquer is the name of the game sometimes for sure :)! That spa place is too cute!

    1. Spa-Di-Da was so cute and so fun! Divide and conquer is our game plan every weekend, but it's so fun, right?!

  2. Oh my goodness what a crazy busy weekend!! At least you were able to enjoy some time with your hubby and some pampering.

    1. So crazy, but so fun! And that pampering was so needed!

  3. What a fun, busy weekend! And happy belated anniversary!