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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Holidays 2018


So since I took all of last week off, I have to catch y'all up on our holidays!
They were so sweet and so fun.
We started our holidays at church, and it was the sweetest service. These babies looked so gorgeous too!
Nataleigh was our little Candy Cane Cutie!
Her shift dress is from Bailey Boys, and they have the sweetest holiday outfits!!
And of course, we can't forget our custom stack from One Stop Bow Shop!!

Sunday night I finished all the wrapping and prep work because we decided to host my sister, mom, mom's boyfriend, and his son for Christmas Eve breakfast, pjs, and gifts!!
The kids got so much from the first session of the holiday route! Nataleigh got an ice cream truck for her dolls, and she was the only kid available for a picture, because the boys got a Nintendo Switch. We lost them to the Nintendo-Universe!

After brunch, we headed to my grandparents' house for all the family fun!

Oh, how I love this man of mine. He's hardworking, kind, funny, and just the best ever! We celebrated our 14th Christmas together, and I can't wait to celebrate 100 more with you, Jojo!
After all the gifts were opened, this one thought she'd remind everyone that she really is the gift!
We got home and sprinkled our "Reindeer Food," so that Santa would visit!

Got everyone, including Josie, ready for bed, because Santa would be there at any minute!

The only photo I took while the babes opened their gifts from Santa and their elves, Hans, Franz, and Gertie!
The kids got some really great stuff, but my favorite gift that Nat got was her Caboodle full of make-up, brushes, and jewelry! It brought back so many memories of my childhood!

We picked up our nephew and headed to Mimi & Popow's for Christmas Day fun!

And my girl looked so cute in her Christmas tree dress!!

On the 26th, my mom and I always head out like crazy people to stock up for next Christmas. We always grab tons of wrapping paper, boxes, and goodies together, and this year was no different...except we had my babies with us!
Target slushies and popcorn for the win!
And Nataleigh "needed" to bring her Luvabella with us!
{face palm}

 My mom's birthday is December 28, so we took her out for a little lunch and dessert!

And we even brought Jojo his favorite banana pudding home with us!

The last week of the year is always one of my favorites because of all the Facebook and Time hop memories!
This was just 4 days before I had my sweet baby girl!!
I loved being pregnant with Nataleigh, and it was the easiest pregnancy ever.

Another favorite thing of mine is looking back at my Best 9 pictures from Instagram, and this year's was so cute!
It was a big year for our little girl, and we had some incredible family moments in there.

Today, we are heading to Charlotte for a little girls' day celebrating our favorite girl's 6th birthday at the American Girl Doll store.
{happy girl dance}

Happy New Year!!



  1. Oh my goodness, what a sweet holiday week you and your family had, Britt! Love seeing all the pictures. Your daughter looks like a doll in the red candy cane dress. :)

  2. Eeek the American Girl store is a favorite over here, what a fun way to celebrate your girl! Looks like you had the best Christmas :)

    1. It was the best, and it was just how my girl wanted to celebrate. :)