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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Let's Look...Coziest

It's Wednesday!
We are finally on the downhill side of the week, and we can do it!

Today I'm linking up with Shay & Erika, for their first Let's Look link-up! 
Each month we'll be looking at the different little things that make up our lives!

Here are the topics we'll cover each month!

Today we are talking all about the coziest spot in our houses!

We don't have one particular spot that is our coziest, but we try to make everywhere, including our cars often, cozy. The best way we do it is with BLANKETS! I mean, the Hensleys will fight you for a blanket!

These are our favorites..

Matilda Jane Blankets

These two are super soft and thin, and my boys don't care one bit that they are floral because they are that cozy!
This one is made of the softest, most luxurious fabric ever, and we all have been known to throw down for it! Somehow mama always wins that battle, even though I just noticed this morning that Carson has snuck it under his comforter!
And this is so truth!

These blankets also make the BEST photo props!
{Can we go back to 2.5-year old Nataleigh for just a day, please?!}

We've added a few non-MJ blankets to our crew, because like I said, we all need one regardless of the weather or temperature.
Nataleigh's queen sister, Brandi, gifted her this sweet blanket, and it is crazy soft. We snuggled with it the entire plane ride, and now Nat snuggles with it ever night.

And this one has been a long-time favorite of our house! It's furry and white, and we've had it for a while. I used it for pictures when Nataleigh and the boys were smaller!!

My kids will almost every single day grab a blanket to go in the car. We are just a cuddly, cozy family that loves us some blankets.

Do you all have a favorite blanket, or do you even love blankets?!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. We are all addicted to blankets in our home too! I've never tried the MJ blankets...they look incredible. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

    1. They are the softest, I swear. We all fight over our's, and then some! Thanks for stopping by!