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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Share Your...2019

Today I'm so excited for my friends, Jenna & Jennifer for their brand-new link-up, Share Your...
This will be so fun this year!!
These are the topics we'll be covering throughout 2019.
Today we are sharing a little about our goals//resolutions//where we see ourselves in 5 years.
Let's get into today's post.


I so wish I was better about setting goals. I either set super unreasonable goals, or I just skip goals entirely. I read all my favorite bloggers and feel so inspired by them being a #goalgetters! I'm so going to try setting monthly goals & keeping them this year.
This January I'm starting with some simple goals that I'll hopefully add to every month. By starting more on the 'simple' side, I'll see greater success, and then I'll be more encouraged to keep this up. Now to the goals themselves...
1. Drink no soft drinks/increase water: I don't normally drink a lot of soft drinks, but they are kind of my go-to when I eat dinner. No soft drinks in January, and I'm praying it will continue into February.

2. Read 2 books: I read somewhere that our kids will do what we do, and I want to encourage them all to be excited readers. Right now they see me on my phone too often & not often enough with a book.

3. Work ahead on these blog posts: Last year was so frantic for our family with so many different schedules that late in the year, I was struggling to find time to blog. I've already planned all my posts for January and put them on a calendar.

I've learned with goal-setting that setting yourself up for success is half the battle. Don't set lofty goals that you know you'll never keep. Have a plan for every goal, and be intentional when fulfilling your goals. Also I hope you give yourself some grace. Understanding that things pop up unexpectedly that can momentarily hinder your goals. Don't quit just because something didn't follow your plan. Keep on keeping on!! ( Hey Erin!)


This year in lieu of traditional resolutions, I've decided to take a word on for 2019. Our family's word for 2019 is....
2018 was the year of Go, and at times it did me in completely. I was sapped for days/weeks, and I don't want to feel exhausted at everything. The huge thing about this word for my family is that it will mean us saying 'no' when we never say 'no' to anything. We are going to start being more intentionally with our rest. God, after he created everything, rested, and He is our example. Another aspect of the word 'rest' that I love is that we are to be fully trusting in God and His plan that we can rest. When David was fleeing from his son and adversaries, he slept! He was confident in his trust in God enough that when most of us would run and worry, that he slept. Oh how I pray in 2019 that I can rest in God's plan for our life!

5-Year Plan

Just thinking about where I'll be in 5 years is just crazy to me. Stephen will be 16. Carson will be 14, and Nataleigh will have just turned 11! I mean, I can't even process that!
In 5 years, I pray we are all happily trying to survive the dreaded 'teenage years' with loads of grace and giggles.
In 5 years, I pray that we are happy, healthy, and just full of love for one another!

Happy New Year to you and your's!

Do you have a word for 2019?!
What are some of your big goals for this year?!



  1. I love you and your 5 year plan! I also love your word of the year. I think rest is so important. I don't like feeling like I am being pulled in 100 directions. Saying "no" can be so hard but so benefitting. I pray that you and your family have a fun-filled and healthy 2019, full of God and each other. Thank you so much for linking up Britt!

    1. Thanks for hosting such a great link-up. Can't wait to share more this year!

  2. Such great goals! It's crazy to think in 5 years how old our kids will be. I agree with you about being intentional. Saying "no" is hard, but so needed! Have a great day!
    Jen @ The Bolin Bunch

    1. I can't even begin to fathom life with 2 teenages and 1 almost teenager!! Send help!!

  3. I love that you have a goal to make goals! It's really easier to focus on goals on a monthly basis, rather than for a whole year!

  4. I'm trying really hard not to make unobtainable goals for myself. I made yearly goals, and I'm also going to make monthly ones to keep myself on track!

    1. It's so hard goal-planning! There is an art to it, I swear!

  5. We share a lot of overlap in our sentiments here - although I took a rather stronger take on mine for the sake of provoking a discussion ;) Rest is super important - so good to hear you acknowledge it and how your faith inspires you to have balance and time for reflection. The water goal is a great one - you are right to say not to criticise yourself or give up if you can't go totally cold turkey. J xx

    1. I loved your provoking post!! I hate resolutions, but I love having a fresh start to a fresh new year!

  6. I totally agree that starting small and making obtainable goals is key... yet I so rarely actually do that! I should break my goals down into steps tonight and then I'll know what I need to tackle each month to achieve them (or nearly achieve them) by the end of the year. Good luck with your year of rest... we started that a few years ago and I have yet to get back to saying "yes" when saying "no" feels so good. We love having most nights and weekends free to relax together as a family.

    1. I agree! I think we'll be more encouraged to make more goals if we can start keeping 'smaller' goals!