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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Tuesday Talk [January]

Hey y'all!
It's been super chilly here, and the weather has just been overall yucky! 
What's the weather been like in your area of the world?!

Today I'm joining Erika & Ashley for Tuesday Talk!!

Today I'm sharing with you a little about a question I saw posed on Twitter that I just had to share!
Priscilla Shirer is one of my favorite people that I follow on Twitter, and this question was so good!! I read through some of the comments and they too were so incredible, in so many different ways.

What positive and negative 1-word descriptors do modern women use to describe themselves?!

I love it!

So thought-provoking and self-evaluating.
My positive word was "followed," and my negative word was "blocked."

I instantly thought of the nature of a 21st century woman, and how much social media influences and drives everything we do!

Social media is a wonderful thing if used correctly. It's also a scary world out there, people! We have the opportunity to lift each other through our social media accounts, and far too often I see women {& men} using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. for all the wrong reasons. They are too busy comparing themselves to each other, tearing each other down, and cyber bullying each other. I've seen countless marriages destroyed because of social media accounts. Heck, my own marriage was almost destroyed, and there are still people who sit behind their instagram accounts praying for my family to fail. It's an ugly business, but if we were to get down to it, we would have to admit that our social media standing is something we as women value too much. Rather than focusing on the # of followers we, or someone else has, we should be concerned with our identity in Christ. We should be using these social media platforms to uplift one another & to pray for our fellow sisters-in-Christ..not prey on each other! 
Remember this truth, daughter!

Today, use any of your social media account to lift one person up for the better. Reach out to someone you know is struggling, and let them know that they have a friend in you. Let's not engage in yet another empty political battle where words are said out of anger, because really has anyone switched party lines based on a Facebook argument?! And maybe today, you need to shut off your social media accounts and remind yourself just who you are in the grand scheme of things. You are far more important than the number of followers you have or don't have!

What two words, one positive and one negative, do you think modern women use to identify & describe themselves?!
I can't wait to read your answers!

Happy Tuesday, y'all!


1 comment:

  1. Gosh this is such a fantastic post Britt! It is great to hear you make a stand like this. I opted out of FB ages ago - I have enough drama at work and like my life nice and simple. Do you find Instagram a more positive platform than FB? So far I haven't come across anything negative - or politics which is like a breath of fresh air. I couldn't stand the whole Brexit thing being played out on FB. BTW anyone who is negative about you or wants you to fail is CRAZY - you are the nicest person ever and a great, supportive, fun bloggy buddy! If ever anyone posts anything negative on your page let me know - I will put them right in the most polite but authoritative British way possible haha! J xx