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Monday, January 14, 2019

Weekend Wrap-Up {1.14.2018}

Happy, happy Monday!!

We had a wonderfully lazy weekend, and honestly, I'm not ready for Monday.

I shared a few weeks ago about our word for 2019 HERE, and we spent most of the weekend resting! It was glorious!!

I managed very few pictures, so today I'm sharing what our restful weekend looked like!

Friday we woke up at 4:30 to Carson throwing up, and y'all, he was pitiful. I put him back to bed in our bed, and then when my alarm went off, I got the other two babies ready for school.
Considering how sick he was, he mustered up the sweetest of smiles!!
(love this boy)

After dropping the other two off for school, I quarantined him to my room while I proceeded to disinfect all the things.
This is my current jam! I also used all the Lysol and diffused all the essential oils. I mean, I just pretty much did every single thing to prevent the stomach bug from spreading, and so far, so good. I also had several people message me on Friday saying that I should get Welch's 100% grape juice and have everyone drink it. 
We did that too.
I also got all the laundry washed, dried, folded, and put away while that sweet boy snuggled in my bed watching all the Marvel movies imaginable.

Stephen and Nataleigh rode the bus to my friend's house, so Carson wouldn't have to wait in the insane car line. They got off the bus, and I wish I had my phone out because Nataleigh was beaming with pride as she marched her cute little self off the bus for the very first time ever!
This boy was exhausted while we waited for his brother and sister!!
He slept most of the afternoon/evening, but he kept food and water down.

I was way too exhausted from all the scrubbing and worrying that we just ordered pizza for dinner.
We order from Papa John's often, so I had several gifts to redeem. We ended up getting 2 large pizzas and a large cheese bread for $13!

We ended the night making all the slime with our Poopsie Surprise Unicorn that Nataleigh got from my sister for Christmas.
Worst, best gift ever!!

Saturday Carson woke up feeling so great!
Thankfully it seems like it was a 24-hour bug, and it hasn't spread to anyone else!
{insert all the praise hands}
Nataleigh had a quick cheer practice, and her little team killed their routine. It was the first time they did the routine to their music, and seriously...CUTEST thing ever!!

While we were at cheer, the boys went to grab haircuts!!
After...less hair, more handsome than ever!!

We literally spent the afternoon doing nothing besides watching basketball and football! It was so good for us!!

Thankfully our Vols squeaked out a tough win @ Florida, and we weren't "resting" too much during the game. 
It was pretty intense, but a win is a win!

The boys then headed to a friends' house for a little sleepover!!

Joe, Nataleigh, and I all kinda slept in, and by Hensley standards, we really slept in! We got ready and met the boys at church, where we had simply one of the best services ever. It was completely Spirit-filled and wonderful.
Rick taught about Jesus calming the storm on the Sea of Galilee, and how He is still using those storms to mold and make us who we are to be. As someone who has felt like her family has been in a storm for over 3 years now, this hit hard! 
Jesus, use these storms in our lives to be glorified!! 

If you were interested in listening to some awesome messages from our church, including a couple from Jojo, you can always download our church's app/podcast!
It's a free app, and the messages are so, so good!

We wrapped up our wonderfully restful weekend with naps and football. It was exactly what we needed in this busy season of life!

The week is another wonderfully routine, full of practices and rehearsals, kind of week!

Enjoy the week, and I'll see you back here tomorrow for a little Tuesday Talk!



  1. I am all about a good sermon and will have to go check that one out. Sorry your boy got sick but I am so glad the rest of your didn't get sick. That is winning! I hope you have a great (and healthy) week!

    1. Not having a stomach bug completely run through a family is a HUGE win! It was so nice to actually slow down a bit!

  2. What a great, restful weekend. Minus the sick part. Glad it was just a short bug and I pray no one else gets it! Hope your week is great. I'm always looking for good sermons to listen to, so I'll have to check this app out. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes! We have some incredible preachers in our church, and I actually just listened to yesterday’s message again!

  3. Poor Carson! Those photos were so heart rendering - but such a testament to his lovely nature. So glad he is now feeling so much better. We had one of those order in nights too on Friday - chip shop! SO good not to have to cook and wash up... J xx

    1. I know! He was so pitiful! Yes to no cooking or washing! I was done for the day.

  4. Oh poor kiddo! Glad he's feeling better and that no one else got it.

    1. YES! Thankfully it didn’t spread...all the Clorox, Lysol, and prayers are to thank!

  5. I'm sorry to hear about the stomach bug, but glad it was just 24 hours. We also order from Papa Johns, and lately their rewards have been awesome. Thanks for linking up, and hope you have a wonderful week!