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Monday, January 21, 2019

Weekend Wrap-Up {1.21.2019}

Hey, hey Monday!

We are enjoying the rest of our long weekend.
Today we have some birthday shopping on the agenda, and later we'll be celebrating a sweet boy's birthday!!

Friday we headed to the school...
Ready to go!!
All a girl needs, her smoothie and her big llama bow from One Stop Bow Shop, and she's ready to tackle the school day!

I've recently been loving grabbing these yummy things for breakfast in the car on the way to dropping off the kids!
Seriously the best breakfast ever with my yummy hot coffee, and it keeps me full until lunch!

I grabbed the kiddos from school a smidge early, because I had to work the concession stand at the school for the basketball game!

Afterwards we met up with a bunch of friends for a wild and crazy night of bowling!

We had 11 kiddos and 10 adults, and y'all, it was so much dang fun! I was sore the next day from laughing so much, and I literally had the best night of my life, as far as bowling is concerned!
So honestly, if I break 50, it's a successful night, but I bowled a 134!!
Who am I?!
That round I may or may not have scored higher than Jojo, but who's counting?!
We had so much fun!!

Saturday hit me hard!
We had to be at the gym for cheerleading by 9:00, and Stephen's first game was at 9:00 in Kingsport! All the divide & conquer over here.

We are officially on competition week at Top Gun, so they are having multiple themed practices this week. Saturday was crazy sock themed...

And my girl brought it with these kitty cat socks!

We love us some Nat + Kin!!

They practiced so well that they got to have donuts afterwards!!

Three amigos!!
Extra sprinkles never hurt nobody!!
I love, love, love our little squad, and these sweet girls are ready to rock the mat this weekend!!

After cheer, we busted it to Kingsport for Stephen's 2nd & 3rd games!
Go Swarm Go!

That sweet #10 is my cousin's son, and we just love Jack. 
(That's my sweet boy Stephen guarding his cousin)!

Joe and Carson rushed to Carson's game that started at 1:00, and then Stephen, Nataleigh, and I picked up lunch before meeting them back at home.
Which Wich for the sandwich win!!

We got home just in time to watch the Tennessee basketball game, because 4 games already wasn't enough for one Saturday.
Thankfully my Vols won, and we are eyeing that #1 ranking this week. It wasn't a pretty win, but thank goodness, it was a WIN!

Nataleigh & I then met up with my sister and mom for a little girls' night of sushi!
This girl ate several bites of our dynamite roll, and she even snuck some nibbles of wasabi!

We were celebrating my sister getting a "big girl job," and we are just so proud of our Gigi!!

Over night sometime between Saturday and Sunday, Stephen got hit by the stomach bug, so he and I stayed home from church, while Joe and the little ones went to church!
It was super, super cold and extra blustery yesterday!

This stomach bug is terrible..seriously terrible. It hits without any warning, and it's fast and furious. Thankfully the bug doesn't last too long, and Stephen was up and at it by mid-morning.

We spent the rest of our day curled up watching all the NFL football and relaxing. The kiddos are out of school today, so we are enjoying a fun, but cold day at home!!

Happy Monday, y'all!!


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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the stomach bug...those are just the worst! It looks like a very full and fun weekend. I'm going to look for those JIF things - look delicious and good protein. Thanks for linking up with Happy Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

    1. They are so addictive! YUMMY, and I don't feel as awful eating those as maybe I would if I ate a pastry or something like that!

  2. I can't even with that big llama bow! What a fun weekend for you all. I love that you guys are so invested in your family. Also, love that Nataleigh was owning that sushi and wasabi. I hope you have a great week!

    1. It says "You're llam-amazing!" It's on repeat all the time! I love having a fellow sushi fan in the fam, and she loves girls' nights so much!

  3. We love bowling! So glad that Stephen started to feel a little better. Hope no one else gets it.

    1. I hate bowling, but I love the fun it brings! We are planning another night out soon! I'm sure I'll bowl a solid 50 that night!

  4. Other than the stomach bug, it looks like you guys enjoyed your weekend. I hope today was a nice day off and you are ready for the week ahead. Happy Monday!!

    1. If only that stomach bug had ended with Stephen! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. oh man the tummy bug is awful. Hope everyone else is spared since it's a big week!

  6. Oh my goodness; I just love that close up with the donut! Her face is so precious. Sorry to hear that the stomach bug has struck.. those are the worst.

    1. Thanks!! She's my little doll baby for sure, and she's just like me...carb lover! :)

  7. You do such a good job of balancing as a Mum, encouraging your children with all of their hard work and activities and then making it all worth it with a treat or too! So many yummy snacks. Sorry to hear about the bug - glad he bounced back so quickly and hopefully it hasn't spread through the house? Bowling - the best - our alley closed and so the nearest is miles away. Good for you with your bowling girl power - I hate it when the boys always win (not that I help with that I SUCK at bowling haha!) J xx

    1. I can balance decently when I'm not dying of the stomach bug...We'll have to bowl whenever you make your big trip to America!! :)