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Monday, February 11, 2019

10 on the 10th {February}

Happy Monday!!

Anyone else out there need just one extra day this weekend?!
I know I do, and I know a few Cinderella Sister mamas that probably need a day to catch up.

Today Nataleigh and I are going on a field trip and then a girls' birthday lunch with her bestie, so let's get into today's fun post that is all about...

L O V E!!

We are joining my friend, Jennifer for her 10 on the 10th link-up!

These are the topics each month, and this month we are sharing 10 ways that we show our people we love them.

Let's get into it!

1. Pray for them!

We pray over and with our kids every single night. It's a few precious moments at the end of normally a busy, chaotic day that we get to unwind and remind them that they are loved and lifted up. It's my favorite time of the day, for sure.

2. Send texts or videos!

I'm not sure about your house, but every morning before school, it's a hot mess around here. We are all running around like chickens without a head, and Joe some days leaves extra early for his Bible study meetings. Never does a morning go by that he doesn't send a video message to the kids and me reminding us how loved we are.
I have so many of these messages. My phone is low on storage, but full of love!!

I also love the random, middle-of-the-days texts from Joe about how much he loves and appreciates me!

3. Surprise them!

My kids LOVE getting little surprises over big-ole gifts! These little Valentine's Day made a HUGE impact for our babies.

4. Show Up!

Our kids know that if they are playing a sport, at a pageant, or just doing anything that they will have at least one or 10 of us there. We will forever be at all the things, because showing up is so important.

Besides watching one of my kids do what they love, my favorite thing to watch is their siblings and our tribe supporting whatever the thing they love is. It's creating such a special bond between all of us.

5. Have a "favorite."

I always tell Carson that he's 'my favorite Joseph,' and HE LOVES IT! I also always tell Stephen that he's 'my favorite whatever-year-old that's ever been,' and as the firstborn, I can say that without getting in trouble with any of the other two. Nataleigh is told always that 'she's my favorite girl in the world.'
These little phrases that I have with just that one child is so important to them, and I treasure that one thing I have with each of them!

6. Gush about their strengths.

I can't brag on Joe's work ethic and leadership abilities enough. These are just two of the things about my man that I love most, but they are just two. He's so kind, smart, easy-going, passionate, and so much more, but his work ethic and leadership are unmatched in my book.
He loves hearing me brag on him, because who doesn't!!

Stephen is sweet & so smart, and the boy loves hearing me brag or ask for his help with fractions.

Carson is kind and such a hardworker. He's one who begs to help everyone with anything...even wrestling cattle with Jojo and my Poppy!

Nataleigh loves hearing us talk about how brave and sweet she is. She's the bravest kiddo I know, and she's quite possibly the toughest.
Each of my Loves are strong in different areas, and instead of squishing them into a cookie-cutter mold, we love celebrating the qualities that make them each so special.

7. Telling them of God's love!

My favorite favorite thing to do is to go to church with my family.
Watching those beautiful babies raise their hands in praise while we are proudly proclaiming God's goodness as a family is just the best thing ever. Also, I get to sit and listen to Joe share God's Word and what He's laid on Joe's heart while he preaches, and it's not a blessing I take for granted. I love talking to them about the distinctly individual ways that God loves each of us, and I also love telling them of His ultimate sacrifice..Jesus dying for each of us because He loved us so, so much.

8. Listen!

I feel like this one is such an elementary concept that we always underestimate. I just love being listened to and heard, whether I'm right, wrong, or just way off-base. My kids and Joe love being listened to also. They love knowing that their words and thoughts matter to me!

9. The little things matter a lot!

Joe loves waking up extra early and drinking hot coffee, but I love to stay snuggled in bed as long as possible. He always, every single morning, makes me my own fresh, hot coffee.

10. H U G S...lots of hugs.

We are a big hugging family, even though I often joke that I don't love hugging other people. I do love hugging my crew, and my babies love a good squeeze!! 

All. The. HUGS!!

This was so much fun to reflect on how we show our love for one another, especially this week..LOVE week!! I hope this week, you tell somebody how much they mean to you & how much you love them!

Happy Monday, friends!



  1. Great list! I was searching everywhere for a bag/box of just Twix for Valentines for my youngest and could not find them anywhere!

  2. What a great list! That is so special how your hubby sends video messages every day.

    1. They are crazy, and I really need to share one, because they are the funniest. He fills them with all the inside jokes possible!

  3. I love that Joe sends video messages to you all! And just showing up is a BIG deal! Loved your post. Thanks for linking up with me! So glad you are my friend! Have a great week.