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Thursday, February 14, 2019

February Bow Box Review

Happy Love Day, y'all!!
I am obsessed with these people, and even though I say it often, I'm so thankful for them and the love we share. God is so, so good. I don't take our love or this family for granted for even a second!

Read Here  to learn more about my LOVES, and I shared how I show these people my love HERE on Monday!!

Now let's get into today's super important post!!


The February bow box from One Stop Bow Shop is here, and it is incredible!!

It's so adorable and fun!

 Grosgrain in Blue Lagoon
 Grosgrain in Oinky Pig
 Glitter Grosgrain in Maize
 Ruffle in Apple
And their panda unicorn printed bow!

Oh my goodness! Nataleigh is obsessed, and she cannot quit wearing that panda unicorn. 

The best thing about One Stop Bow Shop is their customer service. Casey and her crew are just the best, and they are always ahead of the trends. They also offer completely custom bow looks for any event or outfit. Finally, this Matilda Jane mama loves being able to buy a set of bows that were styled for the latest MJ releases, and Casey, as a Trunk Keeper for MJ, perfectly matches her bows to the new release. 
It's the best place to shop for your daughters, nieces, granddaughters, or just any sweet little girl's best accessories!!

There's no business like bow business!!

Happy Shopping, friends!



  1. Oh my that panda bow is absolutely adorable - I can understand why she loves it! How prefect that they make them to match the new dress releases! Happy Valentines Day to your family!

    1. I love it! It's always the most fun bit of happy mail!

  2. I miss my girls wearing bows! Nataleigh is too cute!

    1. I'm praying that Nataleigh will graduate in smocked dresses and bows..Is that too much to ask of her?!