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Friday, February 15, 2019

Friday Favorites {2.15.2019}

Hey, Hey guys!!

It's the weekend, and we are happy dancing!!

What a week, what a week!!

Today I'm sharing a little about one of my favorite days this week...Monday!

I met up with my favorite girl at Hands On Museum for a fun field trip with a boatload of Kindergarteners! Hands On is a super cool, "hands on" science museum that they recently moved to the Gray Fossil site! It was such a fun morning.
We watched a quick video about the fossil site.

Then we explored the area a little.

We dug for fossils & shark teeth!
Climbed a big tower!

 Played dress up!
And practiced our engineering skills.
Saw a big skeleton!
And a scary bear!
We left the field trip with Nataleigh's bestie, Kinley, because we had to celebrate the girls' birthdays.
Nat picked out  these friendship chokers and bracelets for the girls, and they were so, so excited!!
 Kin recently lost her front tooth, so it made digging into the corn funny!!!
 Dessert time!!
And of course the silliest girls ever!!

Kinley's birthday is at the end of this month, and her mom and I have been trying to figure out a time between their birthdays to celebrate these silly, gorgeous best friends! We just love Shanna & Kinley so much, and we are so thankful they are in our lives.

We ended the day snuggled in car line waiting to get the boys with "Marshmallow" the giraffe that Kinley gifted Nataleigh. 
(I swear, sweetest girls ever)!

Our Monday was so much fun, and it made me miss my sweet little girl so much, because I got to enjoy her giggle and sweet self all to myself! It was fun watching her learn on the field trip with her friends too.

I just wanted to give y'all a little update with Nataleigh's health.

We went to the immunologist on Wednesday, and right now he does not think that she has anything majorly wrong with her immune system.

Praise the Lord!

Her immune system numbers were all in normal range. He did notice that one of her vaccination boosters was completely gone, so he wants us to continue monitoring her and more in-depth work with the pulmonologists. 

All-in-all we are counting this as a major win in our battle with her health. The long and short of it with an immune system deficiency would have led us to getting iv treatments, and that sounded awful to our little girl.

Thank you all for your prayers!

Happy Weekend, friends!


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  1. So thankful for good answers for N's health. What a fun day to share with her too!!! xoxo ERIN