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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Goals {February 2019}

So Happy Wednesday!!

I had big plans to have finished this post last night, but I got sucked into watching my beloved Vols beat Missouri last night. I just kept thinking that if I stopped watching for a second that we would somehow manage to lose..HA! Then I had the normal morning shuffle this morning, so now I am just sitting down to finish this post.

Today I'm sharing my goals for February as well as reflecting on the goals I set for January HERE!

Last month, I shared these goals...
1. Drink no soft drinks: I only broke this once when I had the stomach bug. The only thing I wanted was a Sprite, so I got one! I liked this so much that I've continued to be soft drink free in February, and my kiddos are joining me this month!

2. Read 2 books: I read one book, but I had all the plans for completing it. I added it to my February list, and I'm finishing it this month!

3. Organize and work ahead on blog post: Did this...with the exception of my family's bout with the stomach bug, I stayed pretty ahead last month. I have February planned, and I've started plotting out posts for March. Working smarter, not harder!

Now for February goals...

1. Read 2 books: I have my two books ready-to-go. Now I just have to do it!
2. 30 minutes of intentional walking/moving around is going where I'm starting. Hoping to add a particular number of steps to my walking next month. This month is for gauging a semi-accurate level of walking.
3. Start making Summer plans: We've already gotten one of our trips completely planned, but I still have another one on the tentative schedule. Also, I'm looking into some summer camps for the kids to enjoy!

Well there you go! 
I feel like I was semi-successful when I look back at my January goals. I had some missteps, but overall I came out of January ready to set more goals.

What goals are you all busy making for yourself and your family!?



  1. I've been trying to drink water more and hit a snag while away for work/vacation but now that I'm home I'm back on it!

    1. I've really noticed a difference in drinking more water than anything else. It's crazy what 1 little change will do.