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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Life Lately

It's been a hot minute since I've shared a life lately post, and there has been so much going on with us that I just thought this would be the best way to share some of the highlights!

Grab your favorite coffee or tea, and let's get into what life has looked like for the Hensleys!

Nataleigh celebrated her 100th day of Kindergarten. Her look was complete with an umbrella "cane," fancy dress, hair up in a bun that we sprinkled baby powder on to make it look white/grey, and her nylons kept falling down. She thought it was HILARIOUS, and she had so much fun with her friends!

Carson had a rough go with his allergy shots, so he needed a sweet treat.
Dippin' Dots to the rescue!!
Bless his heart...these allergy shots normally don't bother him at all anymore, but this day was a pretty rough day. He cried and ached for a bit that afternoon, which is completely abnormal for my tough boy!

While Stephen went to practice, the little ones and I grabbed a quick little taste of the super strawberry frappaccino from Starbucks!

Our school's county was out of school last Friday due to so many students sick with the flu, so we made the best of a day off!

We hit the movies with our friends to see the new Lego 2 movie, and it was so funny!
After the movie the boys headed home for basketball with their friends, and Nataleigh & I stopped by her current favorite spot... Justice!

She picked out some friendship bracelets that she gave to her best friend, Kinley, and she also grabbed..
Press-on nails!

Did anyone else have any of these growing up?!

She kept popping these on and off, and she would just crack herself up. It was the best $4 ever!!

Saturdays are for sleeping in and donuts!

Our favorite donuts too!

Nataleigh and I then ran a few errands with my mom who was puppy-sitting my sister's new puppy...
My sister's dog, Ezra, had to be put to sleep over the Fall, and even though she swore she wouldn't have another dog, she couldn't say 'no' to that sweet face. Summit is a blue-tick hound, which is also the pet mascot of the University of Tennessee! She's so stinking adorable too, and we all just love her already!

On Sunday, Nataleigh and I headed with my mom to Cleveland, TN for a pageant preliminary to practice!
Rollers + power pose = ready to go!
 casualwear cuties!!
 our favorite Cinderella sister, Kendyl!

Ms. Jill...we love you!!

While we were away, the boys spent the Sunday at church & a boys' lunch!!
 Best looking boys ever!
And then they at a yummy lunch at their favorite sandwich shop, Which Wich.

Today we have another appointment for Nataleigh, and we are praying for answers and direction!

Happy Wednesday, y'all!



  1. Hi Britt! So nice to meet you! I am now following from Welcome Wednesday - you can follow back if you wish at Annster's Domain

  2. So many yummy treats! My boys would love to get Dippin Dots after shots (or after this morning's braces adjustment) but we don't have any place near us that sells them.

    1. EEK! We don't always get treats after shots, but this was a really bad trip to the allergist.

  3. I can't believe you didn't have school because of the flu, yikes! Looks like yall have been busy. So sorry he has to deal with allergy shots :(

    1. Let's just pray the flu stays far away from the Hensley crew!

  4. That is crazy about the flu. YIKES! So many fun pictures of your little crew. I love the 100th day, Nataleigh looks so cute. You have all been so busy but having so much fun!

    1. Thanks! She loved dressing up for her 100th day. They had a big party full of all the 100 things!

  5. Your boys look so smart in their gilets! Eek re the flu - luckily no-one in the house has had it this year. I shouldn't have said that... The pup you baby sat was lovely - looked so calm! I love seeing new breeds I don't know anything about. Lovely looking wee chap.

    1. She's a sweet little hound. You would love her. I bet Humph and Summit would be friends!