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Monday, March 11, 2019

10 on the 10th [March]

Hey Hey, Monday!!

I can't be the only one out there struggling with this whole time change mess, right?! We had a busy weekend, but before I get to sharing about our fun, I am linking up with my girl Jennifer @ The Bolin Bunch for her monthly link-up!

This month we are sharing 10 things you say on repeat - all day - every day!

"I love you most!"

We may be a little competitive, but we love to be the one who says that they love the other the most!

"You're my favorite!"

My favorite first born, favorite middle child, and my favorite girl!
I love these babes of mine oh so much!

"Where's my car keys?!"

I mean, my car has the push start button, so if my key is in my purse, it should pick up. I tend to forget if the key is actually in the purse/car/pocket or not!

"It's not the NBA finals, boys!!"

These boys are obsessed with basketball, and they only play basketball together and against each other about 974 times a day. They are crazy aggressive, and someone's feelings or face gets hurt!

"You do you, boo!"

This is Jojo's favorite saying of mine, for sure!
You want to hold your own picture at church?!
-You do you, boo!
You want to eat a spinach wrap for lunch?!
-You do you, boo!

It's my favorite little phrase!!

"Where's my phone?!"

I can't be the only one who is constantly looking for their phone, right?!

"I need more coffee!"

Can I get a witness?!

"Please tell me we don't have any plans tonight!"

When you stay on the go, these are the conversations you have with your spouse and kiddos! I pray for nights 'off!'

"Either get along, or you'll have to hug each other for 30 minutes!"

Current favorite form of punishment for any combo of kiddos not getting along!! This gets their attitudes right in a hurry!!

"No more Fortnight!"


Any other mamas struggling with the Fortnight battle?! We have to put the boys on timers, and they are constantly having to take the turns and share! It's a J O Y....not!!

Bonus: Nightly prayers.

We pray every night with the kids, and it's the most tender, sweetest time ever! We let the kids each pray, and then we end our bedtime routine with us praying over each of the babies. It's sweet, and it's time Joe and I treasure!

Happy Monday, friends!




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  2. Love all your sayings! You are such a good momma! I agree with a lot of them, except for the coffee! No, thanks! HA Thank you for linking up with me, friend! Have a great Monday!

    1. Thanks, mama! I cannot function without coffee!! :)

  3. Oh yes, I am forever misplacing my keys and phone (normally in my pocket!).

    1. My phone is normally in my hand, or I've left it in Nataleigh's room while I was getting her ready to go! #strugglebus