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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

A Look Back @ February & Lent 2019

We are already 6 days into March, and I'm finally getting around to looking back on our February!

February for the Hensleys was B U S Y, but so stinking fun.

 We witnessed the sweetest baptism!!

 We headed to Hands On Museum for a super fun field trip!
 Lunched with our bestie!
 Saw the Lego 2 movie with friends!
 scored some pretty sweet press-on nails!
 Met my sister's new puppy, Summitt!

 Spent some time with our Cinderella family!
 boys' lunches @ Which Wich

 Celebrated Valentine's Day!!

 Watched a lot of basketball
 had a stare down with a cowboy at my birthday dinner!

 another fun weekend with Cinderella family
 enjoyed the yummiest birthday cakes!
 grabbed hair cuts

Celebrated dress up days for Read Across America Week!
 Two words:
Themed rehearsals

And enjoyed the sweetest 1-on-1 day after an interesting field trip with Carson!

February was such a sweet month for our little family. We laughed, we loved, and we just enjoyed all that life threw at us. It was a good, good month!

Another thing I wanted to share with you is that Lent starts today. I'm not sure if you observe this time or not, and honestly we haven't either in a few years. I used to observe this season every single year, but of recent years, I just haven't. I have no reason or excuse. I just haven't. Joe came home Monday from work, and he asked me what I was giving up for Lent, as though I've been doing it every year. I gotta admit that I was kind of taken aback by his question, because the last time he observed Lent, a major hardship hit along with it, and to be honest, I have been praying about whether or not I would participate in Lent this year. I've just felt crippled at times when it comes to my own faith, because of all we've been through, and that conversation just reaffirmed that I have to observe Lent this year.
For this year's Lent season, I'm committing to reading 5 chapters a day from the Bible, and I'll be doing a full food fast every Thursday. I will say please, please be in prayer for my family, because mama can get hangry pretty easily. It's going to be challenging at times for sure, but my prayer is that God be glorified throughout. Also, I pray that God will use this time to strengthen my faith and family during this season of life.

Do you observe the Lent season?!

I shared my January Look Back HERE!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Prayers as you start the lenten season. I am reading John over here to prepare my heart for Easter :).

  2. Oh I love the Book of John. It may be Joe’s favorite to preach from (with James a close 2nd)

  3. You have all my prayers - I would not be able to to in public if I tried to fast - HA! It would not be pretty! Annster's Domain

  4. Looks like such a wonderful month! That cake looks amazing.

    1. It was divine! Red Velvet..it tasted better than it looked too!