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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Apps I Love

Happy Spring, guys!
If your region is anything like our's, then I'm sure you are happy that Spring is officially here! Now we just have to get that Spring weather here too! We've been super rainy here in Northeast Tennesseee, but I'm ready for it to dry up a bit!! What's it been like where you are?!

Today I thought I would do something a little differently & give y'all a little peek into what apps I love & use almost daily! First things first, I have unanswered texts, emails, voicemails, etc...just overlook that and any other notification that may irk you!
It is what it is! 
Okay..here we go!

So I have 4 swipe screens, and to be honest, I just haven't gotten around to completely organizing it all. I also think that every single time I do an update on my phone, apps get moved and rearranged, and I just can't keep up with continually rearranging them every time!

I use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter almost every single day, at least once or 10 times a day! I heart all things social media, and you can always DM anytime if you have a question or comment. My Instagram and Twitter accounts are @britthensley, so shoot me a message or comment!!

I'm always sharing the day-to-day stuff on Instagram, and I get my news, for the most part, from Twitter!
#fakenews don't judge me too much!

The next apps I use on an almost daily basis, but they are more productivity apps & a few fun ones!
My Dunkin' Donuts app just might be my most-used app aside from the social apps. I mean, I earn A LOT of free coffees, and y'all, we are all better when mama has her coffee! 
(Can I get a witness, Jojo!?)

Our church, Grace Meadows, has a wonderful app, that allows us to get announcements, the set-list, and our calendar on it! My favorite feature is being able to listen to messages again, and there is one guy, Joe, who is my favorite preacher to listen to! It's neat to be able to stay "plugged in" our church regardless of what's going on!
Our cheer groups use Band to communicate across several teams, as well as within our individual teams! It's super effective for Rondon, or any other coach, to shoot out a quick message for everyone!
Power School!
Y'all this has been a major game-changer for Stephen this year! I get his grades & behavior before he even does. It's helped keep him on task, and he knows exactly what he needs to do to get the grade he wants! I mean, I can't go back to life before Power School!

Now for some of the more "fun" apps!
I love Words With Friends..like so much, even when sweet Charlee from church whoops me. I love learning and using new words! The daily challenges are fun too! I've always been a big fan of word puzzles and such, and this is just so much fun!

The WWE app!
We are big WWE fans in the Hensley House, and we watch every pay-per-view thanks to the app!!
Worth every penny!

Amazon Prime Video for watching my current favorite show, Vikings! 
And Netflix for watching every other possible show/movie I could love!
These two apps make the outrageous time I spend in car pick-up line much more enjoyable!

Do you have any shows that you just can't quit right now?!

And finally...
The March Madness Live app!
Tis the season, right?!
I'm in a couple different pools right now, and I just love it! I never win. The team I cheer for never wins. Alas, I still do this every single year! 

So that is just a quick look into a few apps that I love and use all the time!

Do you have a favorite app?!

Also, do you fill out brackets for the NCAA Tournament?!
If so, who do you have winning it all?!


Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!


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