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Friday, March 1, 2019

Friday Favorites {3.1.2019}

Normally I'm all about Friday, but if I survive this weekend, I'll be able to conquer anything!!


This week has been fun & slightly busy, and I gotta go ahead and share this week's favorites before I jet off to either a sock-hop, birthday party, or AR celebration!

Erika | Narci | Andrea

It's been Read Across America week at our school, and y'all, I've stunk it up big time at snapping pictures before school.

Heck, who am I kidding?! If it wasn't for my girl Shanna, the kids outfits wouldn't have happened!
I did grab a picture of Nataleigh after school, before cheer practice on PJ day!

Thursday Shanna made the girls shirts for Twin Day.

I heart my bestie, and I just love these best friends!!
Sweetest girls I know!

We also had a themed cheer practice on Tuesday, and it was 'camo day' because we are ready for battle!!

Prepare yourselves, because #cutenessoverload 
 This face!!
 Oh we love Coach Sam & Coach Rachel!!
And if this face doesn't scream 'battle ready,' then I don't know what does!!
Cheer comp #2 of the season!!

My favorite middle child ever had a field trip yesterday to the Niswonger Performing Arts Center where they saw Mathemagic.
This magician did "magic" with math. We were ready to bust it out of there, and we had the best afternoon ever, minus the whole allergy shots stop.
I swear, I love this sweetheart!!
And he loves his chicken wings from Moe's BBQ!
So much YUM!!
Oh I loved my time with this boy who is sweet, smart, and beyond kind!
I love you, my Carson!!

Last night we were out pretty late wrapping up our cheer gym's dress rehearsal. We do this before every competition, and it just gives all the teams a chance to cheer and encourage and just be together a little before we head to a competition.

 Mr. Rondon will do anything for a good picture!!
And I mean, #squadgoals!!

These two were giving all the hugs, while her mama and I...
were shoe twins!!
I'm obsessed with THESE shoes, and I wear them almost every single day!

And finally a completely random favorite of the week is this little gem of Nataleigh at her very first Cinderella pageant.
Give me all the baby Nataleigh pictures asap!
She won the State Cameo pageant, and we've been hooked to Cinderella since.


This has been such a sweet week, and I'm so thankful for everything we've had the opportunity to do. It makes life a little more chaotic, but goodness, it's fun. This weekend we are so busy..like busiest we've been in a while. We have a cheer competition, a wedding shower, two birthday parties, concession stand work, and Accelerated Reader celebration...along with our normal #SundayFunday of church and small group. I need an extra day between Saturday and Sunday just to nap, anyone else?!

Happy weekend, friends!


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  1. What a great week! I love those shoes. I have a credit at old navy so I may need to do some shopping. I am exhausted just reading your to do list for the weekend. Have fun!!

    1. They are just the most comfy shoes ever, and now I need that style in every color..or maybe just a few more black ones! ;)