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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Goals [March]

Can y'all believe that it is March already?!

Whoa 2019 is F L Y I N G by, and I just blinked and February was gone!

I'm trying to be a little more accountable with my monthly/yearly goals, so let's look back at my February goals!
1. I did it y'all! I read two books this month.
Carson & I finished this one earlier last month, and he loved it. It's one of my favorite books too, and it's just the sweetest little story.
And I finally jumped on the bandwagon, and I read this gem. So eye-opening, and I loved it. I could relate to so much, and I really think it's a great read for all moms, wives, and women. It's so great to feel like you have that friend in your corner rooting you on!
I underlined & jotted so many notes in the margins of this one!

2. Totally didn't walk a single day intentionally, and I'll be totally honest about this one. The weather in Tennessee has stunk it up big time, and I had zero motivation to be anywhere near outside! 

Seriously we set some major records for rainfall in a single month this February. It felt like it rained, and not just any rain..down-poured every single day in February! It was a total mess, and I had no motivation to even look outside! We are still dealing with major disasters from the flooding, and it will impact our region for a while. Entire roads were washed away! Crazy!

3. We've booked our vacation spot for May/June, and we are looking into one more trip in July!
Beach living is the life for us!!

Now let's get into this month's goals!
1. I like to hit snooze like 10 times before I actually wake up. I'm setting my alarm a little earlier, and then hopefully I'll be a "morning person."
2. Maybe if I clean out all the winter clothes, Spring will show up?! 
3. We have a few events in the next months, and we are looking into having a few pieces made and altered. We are all so excited, and this is the fun stuff!!

What goals are you setting for yourself this month?!

Are you a goal-setter, and more importantly, a goal-getter?!

Happy March, friends!

-Britt Hensley


  1. Love your goals. I am trying to read more too :) On my March list is Wonder and Imperfect Courage. I read two books in February as well :)

    1. Stephen LOVED Wonder, and I really need to read it too. I saw where Solon read the HP books, and that post made me want to get my copies out and start at Book 1!

  2. Getting up with my alarm (a New Years goal) has been a GAME CHANGER for me. My mornings are so much better not snoozing and I feel less groggy overall. Good luck with your goals!

    1. YES! I'm hoping it's a game changer for me too! Gotta start somewhere, right?!

  3. Great goals! I didn't do too hot in February, but hopefully will do better this month! Volleyball season has me a little crazy right now!

    1. Grace upon Grace, friend! Volleyball season will be such an obstacle for my goals too. Our girls start preseason training this month, and we kick off our men's season too. AHHHHH!