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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Share Your...{March}

Hey guys!!

It's Friday Eve, and we'll be happy dancing all day..well, almost all of us!

Joe & I are fasting today, so seriously, any guesses when hangry mama makes her appearance!?
I shared yesterday HERE that we are observing Lent this year, and we are full-day fasting on Thursdays!

Today I'm joining my blogging buddies, Jen & Jenna for their Share Your...2019!
 Here are the topics for each month!
This month we are sharing a day in our life, and I snapped pictures throughout yesterday.
(I may have had to set 101 alarms, but it got done, y'all)!

I woke up with my first alarm...mind you, I stayed snuggled in the bed reading my 5 chapters for Lent until I decided to brave the chilliness of the morning.
I don't really understand what is going on here in the South, but it's not easy getting out of bed & taking kids to school when it is 19 degrees outside!
Dropped these pretty babies off for a fun Wednesday at school!
On my way home from drop-off, I swung by Dunkin' Donuts for my free coffee. During the hockey season, if our Nashville Predators win a home match, then we win a free coffee.
Yes, ma'am!

Laundry & dishes called my name, but there is nothing better to me than an empty laundry basket!!
I top my favorite soup with a sprinkle of truffle salt, because it makes a world of difference!

I grabbed a quick shower, and I've been trying to let my hair air-dry as much as possible to prevent too much heat damage. I know it's below freezing out here, but it dried eventually!

 Grabbed a little snack & the rest of my iced coffee in my favorite NAM cup for my trip to picking the kids up!
I get to car line a little earlier than most, because our car line is RIDICULOUS! I tend to pop a show on Netflix or Prime and watch an episode while I wait for an hour. Sometimes I'll bring a book with me, but I get there early, because we gotta get home & finish homework quickly before all the after school activities begin!
homework time with my favorite 3rd grader!
It was pasta night at church, and it was so good. Joe & I carb-loaded before we kicked off our first official food fast at sundown!

We celebrated National Dress Day on Nataleigh's NAM instagram, and how stinkin' cute does she look in her princess dresses!!

Checked out the link of the pictures from Nataleigh's cheer competition in Knoxville last weekend!

Oh my sweet, sassy girl!!

Tucked the kiddos into their beds around 9:15!

I finished working on this post & caught up on responding to blog comments & emails before wrapping up the night watching an episode or 2 of House Hunters!

It was a normal Wednesday for us. It always seems like as soon as the kids get in the car from school that we are going non-stop, but neither Joe nor I would trade it for the world. 

What does your Wednesday look like?!
Are you all busy, or is it slow and low?!

I'll be back tomorrow with this week's Friday Favorites!!


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  1. I love those everything pretzel thins!!! Your daughter is absolutely adorable!! The cheer uniform is EVERYTHING!! Annster's Domain

    1. Everything pretzel thins + hummus is my jam! I just didn't have hummus that day!

  2. Our life is pretty slow and low.. But I do remember getting to the car line early; I had two different schools to do pick up in and if I was late for one there was no way I was making it to the other on time.

    1. I know I'm going to miss the chaos, but shew...some days mama just needs a nap

  3. You hair looks great when you air dry it! Mine would look like a giant puff ball. Thank you for linking up with us. Your day is busy, but so good! Our pick-up line at school is insane also. Hope your weekend has been great!

    1. I styled it when I got back home from picking up the kids, but I hate blow drying my hair! I need one of those dryer/straightener things!