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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Weekend Wrap-Up

Sorry I was M.I.A yesterday.
I started getting a headache on Sunday night, and I kept it through yesterday. 

Today, however, I'm sharing all about our weekend.

Friday we headed off to school, and because we left a little early, I snuck a quick picture of the babes!
It was also class picture day, and y'all some battles are just not worth fighting. My boys only wear non-athletic clothes on Sundays. At least Nataleigh still loves dressing up!!

After school we met up with Mimi, and the boys went to her house for the weekend. Nataleigh was going to go with her, but she had a meeting with a seamstress the next day.

I bribed her with a hot fudge sundae from McDonalds!
And she loves putting loose change in the donation buckets for the Ronald McDonald House!
We grabbed a quick, little dinner with Joe, and then just relaxed.

Saturday we met up with my mom at the mall for a little girls' day!

 We shopped for all the accessories at Claire's, Justice, and Gymboree. 

And snacked on pretzel bites from the mall.

Then we met with the seamstress for some Cinderella wardrobe needs, and she was precious. Nataleigh and the seamstress got along so well. I can't wait to see what she comes up with for our sassy girl!

Joe then took Nataleigh and me out on a little frozen yogurt date, and it was so fun!
 She knows she has him wrapped!
Sweetest girl I know!

Sunday we were pinch-proof & oh so cute!

We headed to church & then lunch with friends before we grabbed the boys & headed to small group!

It was a nice weekend with just our girl! The boys had so much fun living their best life, because grandparents don't say "no" often. It was all the basketball & desserts for them.

This week we kicked off our men's volleyball season, on top of all the craziness of normal life!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Great post! Looks like a fun weekend. You've gotta love grandparents not telling them no! HA Hope your week is great!

    1. Oh you know it! They come back rotten, but they love every second! :)