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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

What's Up Wednesday [March]

Hey Wednesday!!

I'm late getting this post up, because LIFE!

Y'all the last two weeks have just been so insane. Between men's volleyball, women's volleyball, conditioning, and my children's schedules, this mama is not even thinking twice about blogging. I'm still here. Life is just getting the best of me.

I'll get it together...eventually!

On to today's post...

What's Up, Wednesday!?
Today is the last Wednesday of March {WHAT?!}, and today I'm joining Sheaffer & Shay for their monthly link-up, where we run through our month, while looking forward to next month!!

We'll be answering these questions..

What We're Eating this Week

Monday: Birthday Dinner @  Bonefish
Tuesday: Chicken appetizers
Wednesday: Church (Chick-Fil-A)
Thursday: no clue yet..send inspiration
Friday: Moe's BBQ 

What I'm Reminiscing About

Last Summer!!
We are on Spring Break next week, and the end of this year is finally starting to fly by! Before we know it, we will be enjoying days poolside with our friends!

What I'm Loving

Last week I shared what apps are currently making my life a little easier!
Check them out HERE!

What We've Been Up To

We've been observing Lent!

 Basketball games!

Sunday sillies!!!

March has been a full month for the Hensleys, but it's been so dang good too!!

What I'm Dreading

Nothing really!!

What I'm Working On

Cloning myself!
Right now we have conditioning with our girls, coach with 3 player lessons, men's volleyball practices, our little girls skills camp, and my kiddos' basketball and cheer schedules! It's just a mess, and it's become quite obvious that I can't be in 7 places at once. Right now I'm just so thankful for the people in our life who are keeping the Hensley boat afloat!

What I'm Excited About

Spring Break 2019!
We have another awesome Staycation planned (thanks to volleyball), but we are going to enjoy no alarms, no packed lunches, and play dates with buddies!
It's going to be good, y'all!

What I'm Watching/Reading

I'm one who just loves a good historical drama, and this hasn't disappointed yet! I'm currently on the first half of season 4, and I'm getting worried I won't be as invested when a major character is killed off.

I've been challenging myself to read 5 chapters of the Bible each day, and I'm currently in the Book of Psalms!
It's just so full of so much goodness and truth!
What is your favorite book of the Bible?!

What I'm Listening To

Currently listening to our washing machine run!
Laundry is my favorite chore forever, and it's a good thing because 3 kids + 2 adults accumulate a lot of laundry every day!

What I'm Wearing

I'm trying some new make up products that I love, but these are my tried & true favorites!

I'll hopefully have a little make up review coming atcha soon, but until then, you need these products in your life!

What I'm Doing This Weekend

Nothing right now!
Whoop...happy dance!

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

Spring Break 2019

Easter 2019
Let's look back at a few of my favorite Easter family pictures!!

Easter outfits are my favorite to try to plan and coordinate. I had a plan, but Nataleigh wasn't on board. Obviously we are going in her direction!

What Else Is New

I've referenced it a little, but I'm now helping coach a men's volleyball team at our school. 
It's a whole new world, but these boys are so eager to learn volleyball. It's so fun! We'll see how the season goes, but they are getting better every single day.

Bonus: What's your favorite Easter side dish?

I'm Team Deviled Eggs all day long! We fix a couple different kinds too. We have a traditional deviled egg recipe, a bacon jalapeno recipe, and a pimento cheese deviled egg recipe that we all fight over!

Happy Wednesday, friends!



  1. So fun! I love keeping up with your family. I am excited to see how the boys volleyball team does. My 8th graders got second place in a tournament last night. We lost by 2 in the third set. It was a tough loss, but a great game. I only have two more weeks left and then I am done with volleyball for the year. It has been good, but crazy! Your month looks like fun. Hope your week is great. I'm excited for your make-up post when you do it. This momma needs all the help!

  2. Yay for a quiet weekend and spring break next month. I can't believe the game last night :(