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Monday, April 29, 2019

Hello Monday {4.29.2019}

Hey, Hey Monday!

Goodness, this year is f-l-y-i-n-g by!
We are quickly wrapping up this school year, so I'm not even mad that it's Monday again!

This weekend, however, was so crazy!! I'm so stinking ready for Summer Break, because this mama needs a little more sleeping in & a lot less alarms!

Today I'm recapping a super busy weekend, and then I'm scheduling a nap for myself!!

Friday I dropped the kiddos off at school on a random chilly, rainy day! It's been nearly 80* all week, and then temps dropped 20+ degrees with rain.
It was a yucky day in Tennessee, but we weren't about to let dampen our plans!

The kiddos rode the bus to my friend Christie's house, where her King Charles Spaniels, Prince & Goofy, "helped" Nataleigh put on her socks! Oh these pups are the cutest & sweetest!

We then busted it to Pigeon Forge, TN for a dinner with our favorites!
It's been on the calendar for a while, but we were so excited to see Derek & Angel!

 My big boy!!
Favorite babies!!!
Dinner and then fun at the Island for a little bit!

We got home super late, & we crashed!

We were up early for another basketball Saturday!
 My boy shooting those free throws!!
 The boys got to watch a bigger guys' team, and those big boys put on quite the show for these boys!
I mean, deep threes & dunks all day!!
Another weekend of watching these awesome boys get better & finishing undefeated! It's so cool watching them grown and fall more in love with an amazing sport!

We celebrated my sister's birthday on Saturday, and I took no pictures, because #bloggerfail!

Gigi, you are amazing, and we are so thankful for you. You encourage and support and love my babies big, and we are so thankful for you! We love you.
-J, B, S, C, & N!!

The kids then hung out with my mama while Joe and I headed to a beautiful wedding rehearsal!

We got up and got to church on Sunday!
{Love these cuties}

I love, love, love our church.

We had a few people getting baptized after service today, and we celebrated them with a fellowship dinner!
 Some of the beautiful girls of GMC!!
 "Mrs. Brittney snap my picture!!"
We are in big trouble with this one!
And thankfully some incredible friends snapped a few pictures of us!
Including this sweet one of me with my man!!

After church, we headed to the wedding Joe was officiating!

I'm not above bribing the babes to behave, and those caramel apple suckers were a BIG hit!

It was a weekend of a lot of outside activities, and I'm struggling big time with these allergies of mine! I've been living on my benadryl for a bit now, and I'm just praying for a little relief! I mean, every blooming thing has me sneezing so dang much!

This week we are wrapping up our men's volleyball season! It's been quite the season for the Toppers, and I can't wait to see how they do in our conference tournament Thursday!

Are you guys ready for school to be out?!

How many more days of school do your babies have?!
We have 15 school days left, but who's counting?!



  1. I am so ready for summer as well! How far is Pigeon Forge from you guys? We will be there towards the end of August! It looks like a great weekend and I adore the photos!!

    1. We are about an hour from PF! It's so much fun, and there is so much to do. Y'all will love it!!