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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Life Lately

I totally meant to share a little of what's been going on lately around here, but we've had a minor bit of 'technical difficulty.'

My boys sometimes use my computer, and they misplaced it. This wouldn't have been such a big deal if they hadn't gone out of town for the first little bit of our Spring Break.

No worries, though, the computer was found, and I'm back!

Today, I'm sharing a little about life lately in the Hensley's world!

Like I said earlier, the boys have spent a big portion of the time either in school or out of town, so it's been a lot of girl time with my favorite girl!

Let's get into it!

We have some super sweet buddies, and every so often Emily will eat lunch at school with her daughter Taylor, which often leads to her being bombarded by the cutest little girl gang ever!
 Emily always sends the sweetest, sassiest pictures of my girl and her girls!
{Aren't they they cutest?!}

We kicked off this year's little girl volleyball camp, and these two silly girls have been working hard! Right now Loren and the rest of the high school volleyball players basically let Nataleigh & Audrey run the place, and they love it!
Check out my sweet girl's writing on the camp schedule!

Volleyball has created a few scheduling conflicts with car pick-up time, and we've had several amazing friends offer to grab our kids until I can get out of practice.
They are so awesome that they even let them not only catch frogs, but also bring those frogs to church!
Meet Frogalina!
I sure hope she enjoys her life in the pond at Grace Meadows Farm!

This cute little bit had her cap and gown pictures, and we are all just in disbelief that Kindergarten is almost over for her!

Last week she also had a Fairy Tale Parade, where she dressed up like Little Bo Peep with a cute little sheep!
I mean, Kindergarten is just the sweetest!

We've become pretty obsessed with our Friday night go-to spot of Moe's BBQ!
The boys have been taking turns going to a friend's house or a school function for the past few Fridays, so we've only had one boy and the girl! It's really the yummiest little spot ever!
And some silly guy really likes to stand behind me getting the kiddos to giggle while I snap the pictures!
{Caught ya, Jojo}

Nataleigh has recently started trying to do her back handspring on trampolines, and I was so afraid she was going to get hurt. Needless to say, she had a quick private tumbling lesson, and she even was sent home with homework that she's obsessed with doing...all the time!
Strong. Sweet. Sassy!

After Nataleigh's tumbling lesson, she "needed" a face mask!
This holographic sheet mask didn't quite work out like she expected!

This past Saturday we headed to Mimi & Papaw's house for a little bit!
 Little Miss Sassy was ready to go!
And this guy was just as excited!
Carson was at a friend's house, so he's not pictured!
He was, however, super excited to be heading to Asheville for a bit!

While in Asheville, we visited West Asheville Baptist Church, and all of us piled into Mimi's Highlander was quite the adventure. The boys ended up staying a few days without Nataleigh, because that sweet girl is so Mama's girl! She even turned down a beach trip with Mimi because I can't go!

While the boys were away, this girl enjoyed her time alone with me and Joe...including a quick trip to the mall!
 Anyone else hit up the Gymboree's final days sales!?!
She even enjoyed the yummiest caramel sundae!

Yesterday Nataleigh rocked her blue for World Autism Day!
We have several friends who have been touched by Autism, and we love them so much!

She had the last themed rehearsal of this cheer season, and it was a princess theme!

We found an old dance leotard that was almost Jasmine's color, so we made the hair happen! She LOVED it so much, and big shout out to Coach Sam for snapping this mama a few pictures!
Sweetest Jasmine I know!

Even though Nataleigh had so much fun being the only one, we were all so happy to have our boys back! It just is best when we're all together!


Life lately has been so busy, and every day is different! Right now we are in a chaotic scheduling season, and honestly, we are just happy to be keeping our heads above water. We are planning on enjoy the rest of our Spring Break & ending the week extra energized to get us through the last little bit of the school year! We are counting down the weeks, days, and minutes until vacation!!



  1. Y'all are busy, busy, busy...but looks like lots of fun. Your little bit sure has personality plus!

    1. Tons of personality! Sometimes a little too much. It’s busy, but definitely not boring! 🤣😂