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Monday, April 8, 2019

Weekend Wrap-Up {4.8.2019}

Hello Monday!!

This weekend F-L-E-W by, and I need a nap, already!
Tell me I'm not the only one, please!!

 Today I'm joining HeatherJohannahLindsay, & Tanya for their Hello Monday link-up!
Let's get right into recapping a busy, sweet weekend!!

Friday, the kids asked for a quiet, slow day spent in pajamas, and mama wasn't even mad about it!
We did sneak out, in our pjs, long enough to head to one of our favorite little spots to grab some biscuits and gravy and cheddar rounds for breakfast!
Pals is seriously one of the best spots in the country. It's currently in the running for some major national awards, because y'all, it's perfection!

We did have to get ready because I had volleyball practice, and after practice we met up with Joe at our spot, Moe's!
And we all 5 enjoyed a scrumptious dinner together, before Nataleigh & I headed across the mountain to Mimi & Popow's house!
We had story time, and this girl just has everyone wrapped around her little fingers!

We hopped into bed, and Layla, Mimi's yorki-poo, wanted to join us!
And this girl crashed pretty quickly!

Saturday we got up and ready in a hurry because she had her last cheer competition of the season!
I can't believe it's over for these sweet, sassy Kitty Hawks!!
This mama is so dang proud of her favorite cheerleader!!
They hit zero too!
They actually had zero deductions all year, and that is pretty awesome for a bunch of 4, 5, and 6 year olds! We were some pretty proud Top Gun mamas!!

We had a pretty big break between her performance & awards, so we walked around downtown Asheville for a quick lunch & sight-seeing!

 Sassy girls!!

Jojo even got to come and see Nataleigh do her 'thang!' This was the first cheer weekend that he wasn't coaching one of the boys' basketball teams, so he made sure he was there! He was so proud of her, and she was so excited that he was with us!!

Awards Time!

 Our Minis got 1st overall, and the Tinies received an "excellent" grade!!

 All of our coaches killed it this season, and we are so eternally grateful for them!

Two medals for my favorite cheerleader, and she earned both of those medals!
We headed back to Mimi's house, where we had to snap a picture in front of this beautiful tree!! I mean, aren't these pink dogwoods just the prettiest trees ever?!
Spring is all about pretty girls with pretty bows climbing pretty trees!!

We got home in time to watch the NCAA basketball games and go to bed!!

Sunday was all about church & friends!!
Sweet little southern girls enjoying porch swinging after church!!

And these boys loved matching Cameron, our church's awesome worship leader...awkward pose and all!!

We also had small group last night where we just enjoyed doing life with some pretty awesome people! Easter eggs were filled with tons of candy, and personality tests were taken!!

We did a test to see what our enneagrams were, and I'm totally a 6!

I'm definitely not mad that I share an enneagram with Princess Diana!!

We had just such a fun weekend together and with so many loved ones! This week we are back in school {insert crying face}, and y'all we are desperately counting down all the days to Summer Break!

Our weather is officially screaming that Spring is here, and we're all happy about it!

Have you taken any of these personality tests, and if so how accurate were your results?!

So far we are all amazed because the results are spot-on in our small group!

Happy Monday, and let's make this week simply amazing!



  1. That sounds like a busy whirlwind of a weekend! We had nice spring like weather over the weekend but it's only 39 or so right now with a high in the 40's so spring is still not here to stay just yet.

    1. Oh I'm loving this weather right now, but when June/July/August gets here we'll be all sweating. I don't sweat well either :)