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Monday, April 15, 2019

Weekend Wrap-Up [Hello Monday]

Hey there, Monday!

This week we kick off our yearly state testing at the kids' school, and this year 2/3 of the Hensley babes will be rocking that TN Ready test!

Seriously though, we all would appreciate all the prayers for peace as they test for several days!

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Today I'm recapping what was the busiest, but oh my goodness, the most fun weekend in a long time!! We had loads of family and friends time, and it was full of the sweetest moments!

Friday this girl was so excited to pick out her own outfit, and y'all, she has been dying to wear this dress, because she looks 'just like Elena of Avalor!'
{My princess just loves dressing like any Disney princess}

Friday was much of a blur. I had to swing Carson to the doctor for an ear ache that thankfully wasn't infected yet. Then I had a longer practice than normal with the boys, and then I met up with Joe. We have some pretty big things that we are praying over, and Friday we met and discussed a few of the moving parts. Right now we are doing a lot of praying, and expecting God to show up and show out!

Saturday we had another busy day ahead of us, but we couldn't get out of the house fast enough for the kids.

We had to get to our church's community egg hunt!!

 Besties who egg hunt together, stay together!!

The boys!!

It was so much fun! We had thousands of eggs, inflatibles, and Chick-Fil-A!
Our church really knows how to put on an event, and this one was no different. It was so much fun!!

While the boys headed to the first game of this weekend's basketball tournament, the girl and I headed to one of her friends' birthday party!
 A swim party for sweet Ava!

After game 1, the boys met up with us, and they were so excited!!

They were there for the pizza!!

We then wrapped up two incredible games!

The little sisters of basketball!!
And that last game y'all!!
These boys came back from being down 9 in the fourth quarter to winning with some clutch free throws and steals in the last 30 seconds. It was full of all the drama, and my blood pressure was out the roof!!
I'm so dang proud of these boys!

Sunday we headed to church!
Carson and his buddy, Brennan were so cute!
People often ask if they are cousins, and they are just the funniest & sweetest boys who love Jesus BIG!

We got home from church in time to watch Tiger make his huge comeback!
It was pretty incredible!

We ended our weekend back at one of our favorite churches, to hear one of our favorite preachers of all time...
Dr. DL Lowrie is incredible! He is the best, most precious soul ever. His family means the world to my family, especially my in-laws, and he brought such an awesome message on Palm Sunday!

Our weekend was a blur, but fun, and this week is going to be just as busy. We will rest one day..maybe!

Have you all started Easter celebrations?!

Happy Monday!!



  1. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend!!! Love it!

  2. Wasn't Tiger's win unbelievable? I loved watching it! What a fun weekend! Love keeping up with your family.

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  4. Good luck to your kiddos and their state tests.