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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Field Trippin' {2019}

Happy Thursday!

I'm still driving the struggle bus over here with these dang allergies. I've tried so many different things, but honestly until this pollen clears out a little, I'm pretty much going to be in a fog!

It's not been helpful that we've had a boatload of outdoor field trips in the last couple of days, and I mean BOATLOAD!

Today I'm going to recap a few of the trips my kids have had the best time on in the past week.
Settle in, and grab your favorite cup of coffee, because we've snapped a lot of pictures on a lot of trips the past week!

Bright's Zoo

I mentioned briefly that my girl & I headed to Bright's Zoo, and it's such a darling zoo! We grabbed our besties, and we explored all the zoo had to offer!
 Obviously we had to grab a picture on the giant gorilla!!

She loved feeding & loving on the goats!

The giraffes were amazing!!!

But these three were the wildest & cutest animals at the zoo!
It was so much fun spending the morning checking out some amazing animals in our little backyard!
We'll definitely be going back!!

4-H Camp

Stephen's class headed to Greeneville, TN for a day FULL of fun at the Clyde Austin 4-H Center! The 5th graders had a busy schedule of a lot of different events including..

 Ropes & team-building course!

That wall was pretty high, and these 5th graders tackled it pretty quickly & easily!

(I mean, perfect day, right?!)
Fun with fossils!!
And fun with fossils & friends!
And riflery!

It was such a fun, busy, sweaty day, and I'm so glad I got to see him in some activities that are out of both of our comfort zones!

Doe River Gorge

While I was with Stephen, Carson was busy at Doe River Gorge! My mama heart was so torn because both boys had BIG trips on the same day at the same time and pretty far apart! There was literally no way I could make it to both, and Carson said that I should go with Stephen since I had been on two of his own trips already this year. I mean, I could squeeze his little face off! Thankfully I had a sweet friend sending me all the pictures and videos, and this boy of mine had the best day ever!
He rode an open-air train across the Tennessee-North Carolina state line!

He also got all suited up and did something pretty major on a zip line...
Pretty cool, huh!
He's terrified of heights, so I'm so stinking proud of my little lovebug!! Like I said earlier, he had the best time, and if you are local, I would highly suggest checking out their summer camps and fun days they have. It's probably my favorite of the field trip sites I've been too!

Rotary Park

Our school participates in an EPIC character program, and the kids earn prizes and trips throughout the year for good behavior and good decision-making. All three of our babes easily qualified for their end-of-the-year EPIC celebration. Nataleigh and her friends went to an adorable park in downtown Johnson City, and they had the best time!

I grabbed as many pictures with her little friends as I could. These are the days and memories I want her to hold onto, and we will definitely be spending some beautiful days at this park!

The boys each have trips next week for their incredible behavior this year, and they are so excited about a day spent bowling! I feel like the past week we've been on some kind of trip, but that is the exciting part of the end of the school year, right?!

We only have 7 actual school days left, and I know a couple of Hensleys that are beyond excited. Our weather isn't making it any easier to go to school!
{Give us all the Summer}

Are you all wrapping up the school year?!

What are you looking most forward to this summer?!

I read online last night that the difference between a good day and a bad day is our attitudes. I challenge you to make today absolutely the best!



  1. What great trips! So glad you were able to go with them. Looks like a lot of fun. Love your last sentences! Our attitude makes the world of difference. Have a great day!

  2. Wow school is coming to a close and we pack it all in at the end. Way to go Hensley crew on awesome behavior and look at all that fun! These are the days, I agree!