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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Share Your...May

It's Friday Eve, y'all, and we are busily trucking through another busy week of life!

My Topper boys have the conference tournament tonight, and we can't wait to see how this goes. It's been a heck of a season, and I wish we had video from the very first practice to see how much each of these guys have grown!

We are all so proud!

Today, I'm linking up with my girl Jennifer @ The Bolin Bunch for her monthly link-up!

Today we are sharing some of our secret talents, passions, and the things most wouldn't know about us!

So, I was scrolling through trying to find pictures for this post, and guys, I never snap selfies...(& I'm totally okay with that)!

First things first, I'll start with a brief introduction, and most of you all will know all of this! I'm a child of God. I love Jesus, and I really try to serve and reflect Him as much as possible. I'm flawed, & I fall short every single day. I'm the proud wife of Joe Hensley, and I can honestly say that I love this man more today than when we first got married. Marriage is tough, but it's so beautiful. I proudly get to mother 3 beautiful babies every single day. They are truly wonderful, and I pray that they always know that we are crazy in love with them, but that God loves them even more than we could. I'm a Tennessee girl through and through! Tennessee has always and will always be home sweet home to me! I love my sports & sweet tea so dang much! I get to coach my favorite sport, volleyball, at an incredible high school with amazing coaches. 

Now a few of the lesser known things about me...
  • I love a good Harry Potter Marathon.
  • I've lived in several states, but I've never traveled outside of the US.
  • I can say the alphabet backwards, as well as in French & Spanish.
  • European history is my JAM! (any and all).
  • I'm really good at football officiating, just ask my hubby.
  • I'm super guarded, especially with girl friends.
  • I'm not a big fan of hugs.
  • I'm a slight germaphobe.
  • I am a terrible, horrible, no-good parker!
  • I love a good amusement park.
  • I hate socks! #birkslife
  • I love almost any kind of music...gangsta rap, hair bands, & boy bands!!
  • I don't sweat well. (think hangry, but with sweat)
  • Naps on Sundays are the best thing ever.
  • Basketball brings the worst out in me, but I love it!

So these are just a few of the quirks that make up who I am. I'm sure I could go on for days with awkwardness, but I know y'all are busy too! Like I said earlier, we are wrapping up an incredible first season of men's volleyball tonight, and regardless of the outcome, we are so proud of our Toppers. It's been a fun learning experience for all of us, and I just couldn't have done it without my supportive, husband, friends who help parent my babies, and my mama! Shew...I'm sure it's the exhaustion mixed with a heart full of gratitude, but I couldn't express how thankful I am for the people God has graciously given to me.
Grace upon Grace
-John 1:16

Happy Thursday, friends!!


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  1. I just had to laugh as I am the same way with sweat.. in fact I literally just told my husband not 5 minutes ago that I don't even like my water glass to have sweat on it! LOL. But I am so much worse when I am the sweaty one. I try (and fail) not to make everyone else around me miserable when I get sweaty but I just can not stand the feel of it... ick!